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Obituary: Jessie E. Audas

Lakeside Press

  It is with pain and sadness we announce the death of Jessie Audas, which occurred yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock, at the age of 16 years and 8 days.

  Jessie contracted a severe cold some two months ago, which later developed into chronic pleurisy, and terminated in perforation of the right lung, though every effort was put forth by physicians at home and abroad to stay the dread disease.

  Throughout the long and weary illness she was ever patient and uncomplaining; and while hoping to get well, was yet ready and resigned to the inevitable.

  Jessie was a beautiful young girl, and as good as beautiful.  Affectionate, modest, and true, everyone loved her, and anxious hearts outside the sick room earnestly hoped for her recovery.

  It seems but yesterday we saw her in the fullness of radiant health and sweet young womanhood.  She was endowed with rare grace and talent, an ornament to home and society, and we were all proud of her and expected a future of rare promise.

  Bright, gentle, winsome Jessie!  She is gone from us to that Home Beyond; yet the memory of her sweet presence will remain with me for ever. 

Breathe low, thou gentle wind,
Breathe soft and low;
The beautiful lies dead,
The joy of life is fled,
And my lone heart is wed
Henceforth to woe.

That thou should'st droop and die
At early morn,
While yet, thy graceful dew
A joyous fragrance drew
From every flower that grow,
Life's path along.

The green earth mourns for thee,
Thou dearest one;
A plaintive tone is heard,
And flower and leaflet stirred
And every favorite bird
Sings sad sad lone.

Pale is thy brow and dimmed
Thy sparkling eye;
Affection's sweetest token
Is lost fore'er and broken,
The last kind word is spoken
Why did'st thou die?

M. Edith Weaver.

  The funeral services will be held on Monday at 2 p.m., at the house.

Date9 Jun 1883
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