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18820812 - Geo. Morse vs. Chas. Merchant

Cleveland Lakeside Press

Geo. Morse vs. Chas. Merchant

August 12, 1882

Ed. Lakeside Pres.

   We made brief mention last Saturday of the case of Geo. Morse against Chas. Merchant, which had been on trial the day previous, and was to be summed by lawyers Wilder and Gallagher Saturday evening.

   George Morse, as agent for wealthy party named Strong, residing at Albany, had about a year ago rented to Merchant the premises he now occupies.  The house was in a very dilapidated condition, quite unfit for human habitation.  Merchant went to work and, as he says, expended $40 in putting the place in proper condition; and claimed that Morse never made any objection.  Morse swears that he told Merchant the place was not tenant able; but if he wanted to occupy it, he could fix it, and he would let him have it rent free from the time (October until the following May, or some time late in the Spring.  Merchant, as stated, went to work and made repairs, moved in and occupied it up to the present time.  When Morse recently demanded rent from last spring, Merchant refused to pay, saying that Morse owed him yet for the repairs.  Each called the other a liar, and then Morse sought the law to shove Merchant out.  This is substantially the case, as we understand it.

   A large crowd assembled to hear the lawyers abuse the parties.  The weather was intensely hot, and the language even hotter.  Finally and fortunately, they became exhausted, and the Court took the evidence, papers, etc., and said he would give a decision inside of four days.

   Tuesday evening he announced a judgement in favor of plaintiff Morse.  Defendant's lawyer, Wilder, says it's the biggest outrage ever committed in the name of justice, and swears the end in not yet.

Owner/SourceCleveland Historical Society
Date12 Aug 1882
Linked toCharles Merchant; George Morse (Residence)

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