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18820513 - Poem, Rum Traffic

Cleveland Lakeside Press

Rum Traffic
Cleveland Lakeside Press
May 13, 1882

Joy to our Village! There is one
Who, "single-handed and alone,"
Has raised his voice, in thunder tone
    Against tho Great Destroyer.

This honor which redeems our town,
And wipes away her bad renown,
Is a bright gem that long shall crown
     The name of Crawford Getman.

Well did ho wield tho two-edged sword,
And cut and slash that Excise Board,
Who would and did let loose a horde
     Of Mercenary Demons.

In dealing with the people's foes,
No mealy, honeyed words ho chose,
But in plain English, aimed his blows
     At the infernal License.

What wonder that some keenly felt
And openly confessed their guilt!
The hardest heart should qual and molt
     Beneath such judt reproaches.

Though Dobson, Hairington and Burst
Have really done "the thing recursed,"
Must they be classed with those who thirst
     For blood, and pelf, and plunder?

They had it in their power to force
The Whiskey Ring to change its course,
And dry Death's fountain at its source,
     But such was not their pleasure.

Well did they know, but did not hoed
That by their cruel, wicked deed
Full many an aching heart would bleed,
     And many a home be saddened.

But cheer up, friends! this gloomy cloud
Not long will wrap us in its shroud,
For even Cleveland cries aloud

Not long shall business men forsake
The fairest Village on the Lake,
Because RUM forces her to take
     The name of "Sleepy Hollow."

We'll hail "No License" as a boon
That cannot come an hour too soon,
To close each dram-shop and saloon
     'Gainst Sabbath desecration.

A lawyer to his instincts true,
May frame a lie of blackest hue?
What then? ? it only holds to view
     A Whiskey "Special Pleader."

And now, ye men who've done your best
To make our town a moral pest,
"Lay no soft unction to your breastf"
     "Ye are your brother's keeper."

And if, in any way, you wound,
Or with temptations hedge him round,
The blood that crieth from the ground
Will haunt your dying pillow.

--- Anonymous

Owner/SourceCleveland Historical Society
Date13 May 1882
Linked toCrawford Getman

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