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Cleveland Historical Society (Oswego County, New York)
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New York


Latitude: 42.91888865416947, Longitude: -75.58447267860174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Bradt, Rose  Jan 1873New York I135
52 Briggs, Mariah F.  Abt. 1854New York I3569
53 Briggs, Rosetta A.  Abt. 1848New York I3568
54 Briggs, Theodore  Abt. 1841New York I3567
55 Bristol, Clifford J.  20 Dec 1900New York I2210
56 Bristol, Frank  Abt. 1851New York I1057
57 Bristol, Melvin  Abt. 1876New York I1060
58 Bristol, William  Abt. 1872New York I1059
59 Brooks, Cynthia  16 Jun 1820New York I2388
60 Brown, James  Abt. 1842New York I1291
61 Brown, John R.  Abt. 1810New York I1154
62 Brown, Mary  Abt. 1835New York I1155
63 Brown, Sarah  Abt. 1850New York I1156
64 Buck, Kate  Abt. 1851New York I1182
65 Bulian, Bridget  Abt. 1853New York I3516
66 Bulian, James  Abt. 1856New York I3517
67 Bulian, Martha  Abt. 1860New York I3518
68 Burns, James  Abt. 1844New York I1273
69 Bushnell, Horatio H.  Abt. 1829New York I1717
70 Bushnell, Sarah T.  Abt. 1852New York I1719
71 Butler, Dudley  Abt. 1857New York I1028
72 Byrnes, James  Abt. 1844New York I245
73 Cadman, Helen  Abt. 1850New York I3387
74 Cadman, Jane  Abt. 1852New York I3388
75 Caldwell, Grant L.  Abt. 1927New York I3860
76 Caldwell, Laurence  Abt. 1928New York I1164
77 Calhon, Charles  Abt. 1805New York I3892
78 Callagan, Barney A.  Abt. 1859New York I3643
79 Callagan, Julia A.  Abt. 1853New York I3641
80 Callagan, William  Abt. 1855New York I3642
81 Carpenter, Abraham M. Jr.  Abt. 1849New York I3939
82 Carpenter, Alice M.  Abt. 1851New York I3940
83 Carpenter, John W.  Abt. 1834New York I3941
84 Carroll, Beatrice  Dec 1877New York I1228
85 Carroll, Marian  Apr 1879New York I1229
86 Cavanaugh, Alice C.  Jan 1870New York I1764
87 Cavanaugh, Ann  Abt. 1862New York I1762
88 Cavanaugh, Daniel B.  Abt. 1866New York I1763
89 Cavanaugh, Mary  Abt. 1861New York I1761
90 Chisholm, Archibald Scott  1828New York I1610
91 Clark, Betsey  1800New York I2748
92 Clayson, Alfred B.  Abt. 1844New York I3649
93 Clayson, Ellen  Abt. 1852New York I3651
94 Clayson, Emma  Abt. 1831New York I2092
95 Clayson, Emma  Abt. 1852New York I3498
96 Clayson, Frank F.  Abt. 1854New York I3499
97 Clayson, Harold  Abt. 1848New York I3650
98 Clayson, Henry  Abt. 1836New York I3429
99 Clayson, Mary  1852New York I2421
100 Clayson, William C.  1842New York I2291

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