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Vienna, Oneida, New York


Latitude: 43.23951350000001, Longitude: -75.7024065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tremain, Justus  Dec 1835Vienna, Oneida, New York I2362
2 Taylor, Robert J.  20 Jul 1940Vienna, Oneida, New York I2247
3 Tasker, Sally Elizabeth  1856Vienna, Oneida, New York I369
4 Piersall, Ransom D.  Abt. 1848Vienna, Oneida, New York I672
5 Page, Mary  4 Jan 1857Vienna, Oneida, New York I2741
6 Morse, Wallace William  30 May 1845Vienna, Oneida, New York I289
7 Morse, Albert  27 Oct 1808Vienna, Oneida, New York I1321
8 Littlefield, Clara L.  15 Apr 1883Vienna, Oneida, New York I1908
9 Hoover, Bessie Goldie  19 Oct 1901Vienna, Oneida, New York I1673
10 Green, Jabez  Apr 1838Vienna, Oneida, New York I3297
11 Green, Erma M.  Jan 1889Vienna, Oneida, New York I1851
12 Eaton, Elmina  23 Jul 1870Vienna, Oneida, New York I2485
13 Eaton, Anson L.  12 Mar 1843Vienna, Oneida, New York I2361
14 Dunham, Sophina Melissa  5 Feb 1842Vienna, Oneida, New York I2393
15 Dunham, George Milton  6 Jun 1836Vienna, Oneida, New York I2345
16 Dickinson, Mary O.  6 Jul 1813Vienna, Oneida, New York I2359
17 Delahunt, James  Mar 1839Vienna, Oneida, New York I3593
18 Covell, Jerusha H.  13 Jun 1836Vienna, Oneida, New York I517
19 Cole, Anna Sophia  7 Oct 1849Vienna, Oneida, New York I313
20 Brockway, Alonzo Grover  18 Dec 1907Vienna, Oneida, New York I2225
21 Bitz, William  1883Vienna, Oneida, New York I1581
22 Bitz, Mary Catharine  1879Vienna, Oneida, New York I1578
23 Bitz, Katherine  Jan 1881Vienna, Oneida, New York I1580
24 Bitz, Joseph  Sep 1875Vienna, Oneida, New York I1512
25 Bitz, John F.  3 Apr 1876Vienna, Oneida, New York I1514
26 Audas, Martha  1 May 1845Vienna, Oneida, New York I2346
27 Audas, Garritt  2 Jun 1835Vienna, Oneida, New York I516
28 Armstrong, Edith  14 Sep 1894Vienna, Oneida, New York I2337
29 App, Theodore  Feb 1884Vienna, Oneida, New York I1697


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Unknown, Mary  1869Vienna, Oneida, New York I1620
2 Perkins, Elmer  26 Mar 1944Vienna, Oneida, New York I304
3 Marsden, George  12 Nov 1817Vienna, Oneida, New York I2996
4 Lee, Wilmot  31 Jan 1850Vienna, Oneida, New York I2997
5 Knight, Charles G.  7 Jul 1951Vienna, Oneida, New York I1929
6 Fellows, Jerome W.  14 Feb 1917Vienna, Oneida, New York I1592
7 Eaton, Elmina  13 Apr 1917Vienna, Oneida, New York I2485
8 Eaton, Anson L.  4 Dec 1899Vienna, Oneida, New York I2361
9 Eaton, Alexander Hamilton  8 Oct 1878Vienna, Oneida, New York I2356
10 Dickinson, Mary O.  7 Oct 1908Vienna, Oneida, New York I2359
11 Cleveland, Jonas  Vienna, Oneida, New York I1808
12 Brooks, Cynthia  18 Jul 1860Vienna, Oneida, New York I2388
13 App, Theodore  14 Sep 1884Vienna, Oneida, New York I1697


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bitz, William  Vienna, Oneida, New York I1581


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Widrick, William Edward  1900Vienna, Oneida, New York I1775
2 Marshall, Stephen  1862Vienna, Oneida, New York I4415
3 Gorton, John  Vienna, Oneida, New York I1186
4 Fellows, Jerome W.  1870 - 1910Vienna, Oneida, New York I1592
5 Eaton, Anson L.  1870 - 1880Vienna, Oneida, New York I2361
6 Eaton, Alexander Hamilton  1870Vienna, Oneida, New York I2356
7 Dickinson, Mary O.  1870Vienna, Oneida, New York I2359
8 Delahunt, Patrick  1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3590
9 Delahunt, James  1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3593


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Widrick, William Edward  1900Vienna, Oneida, New York I1775
2 Widrick, Garrett  1900Vienna, Oneida, New York I1776
3 Widrick, Erwin  1900Vienna, Oneida, New York I1782
4 Unknown, Susan  1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I1537
5 Stinger, Della  1850Vienna, Oneida, New York I1905
6 Short, Greenville  1880Vienna, Oneida, New York I1879
7 Schaible, Barbara C.  Vienna, Oneida, New York I4270
8 Perkins, Elmer  1919 - 1944Vienna, Oneida, New York I304
9 Page, Ellsworth M.  1880Vienna, Oneida, New York I2736
10 Mulholland, Margret  1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I1261
11 Mulholland, Joseph  1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I1536
12 McGue, Ann  1850 - 1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3591
13 Marshall, Stephen  1862Vienna, Oneida, New York I4415
14 Lichteissen, Caroline  1847Vienna, Oneida, New York I17
15 Haskins, Frank  1910Vienna, Oneida, New York I2482
16 Gardiner, Genevieve  1900Vienna, Oneida, New York I1781
17 Folts, Elizabeth  1900Vienna, Oneida, New York I1783
18 Fellows, Jerome W.  1870 - 1910Vienna, Oneida, New York I1592
19 Eaton, Elmina  1917Vienna, Oneida, New York I2485
20 Dickinson, Mary O.  1880Vienna, Oneida, New York I2359
21 Delahunt, Thomas  1850 - 1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3594
22 Delahunt, Peter  1850 - 1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3596
23 Delahunt, Patrick  1850 - 1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3590
24 Delahunt, Patrick  1834 - 1844Vienna, Oneida, New York I4049
25 Delahunt, Michael  1850 - 1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3595
26 Delahunt, Mary  1850Vienna, Oneida, New York I546
27 Delahunt, James  1850 - 1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3593
28 Delahunt, Catherine  1850 - 1855Vienna, Oneida, New York I3597
29 Delahunt, Anna  1850Vienna, Oneida, New York I3592
30 Carroll, Sarah J.  1880Vienna, Oneida, New York I358
31 Carroll, Sarah J.  1850 - 1860Vienna, Oneida, New York I358
32 Caldwell, Laurence  1930Vienna, Oneida, New York I1164
33 Caldwell, Grant L.  1930Vienna, Oneida, New York I3860
34 Caldwell, Eden W. Jr.  1927 - 2010Vienna, Oneida, New York I3733
35 Caldwell, Eden Frank Sr.  1930 - 1942Vienna, Oneida, New York I1163
36 Caldwell, Charlotte  1930Vienna, Oneida, New York I3824
37 Bitz, Lorenzo F.  1851 - 1901Vienna, Oneida, New York I1575
38 Bevan, Richard E.  1900 - 1910Vienna, Oneida, New York I2194
39 Bevan, Birdella L.  1910Vienna, Oneida, New York I2713


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Richard / Abbott  20 Nov 1859Vienna, Oneida, New York F370
2 Garlick / Hamilton  25 Dec 1867Vienna, Oneida, New York F689
3 Caldwell / Schaible  24 Jul 1953Vienna, Oneida, New York F1234
4 Abbott / Cleveland  23 May 1852Vienna, Oneida, New York F373