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Rome, Oneida, New York


Latitude: 43.2128473, Longitude: -75.45573030000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bormann (Taylor), Zella F.  11 May 1943Rome, Oneida, New York I4595
2 Butts (Knight), Juliette E.  13 Jun 1815Rome, Oneida, New York I196
3 Dean, Gary L.  10 Jul 1949Rome, Oneida, New York I2528
4 Fiedler, Kathryn Louise  31 Jul 1938Rome, Oneida, New York I2758
5 Finster, Jennie J  3 Sep 1889Rome, Oneida, New York I5413
6 Gorski, Gregory P.  8 Dec 1981Rome, Oneida, New York I4082
7 Knight, Altay Elizabeth  6 Apr 1914Rome, Oneida, New York I212
8 Knight, Charles Pritchard  12 Jun 1903Rome, Oneida, New York I203
9 Knight, Charles Stuart  27 Jun 1883Rome, Oneida, New York I201
10 Knight, Charles William  26 Oct 1847Rome, Oneida, New York I194
11 Knight, Dorothy L.  1912Rome, Oneida, New York I204
12 Knight, Edgar Franklin  27 May 1916Rome, Oneida, New York I205
13 Knight, Edith Chew  29 Sep 1876Rome, Oneida, New York I198
14 Knight, George Robinson  10 Jul 1911Rome, Oneida, New York I210
15 Knight, Joseph Huntington  12 Oct 1814Rome, Oneida, New York I195
16 Knight, Norine Clarabelle  15 Jan 1913Rome, Oneida, New York I211
17 Marble, David  11 Mar 1835Rome, Oneida, New York I1600
18 Murray, James R.  26 Mar 1939Rome, Oneida, New York I2759
19 Neiss (Senecal), Alice N.  2 Sep 1908Rome, Oneida, New York I4095
20 Phelps, John H.  27 Mar 1949Rome, Oneida, New York I4259
21 Rogers (Allen), Julia A.  1832Rome, Oneida, New York I2192
22 Smith, John H.  11 Jun 1856Rome, Oneida, New York I3797
23 Steele, Wayne Dale  16 Dec 1949Rome, Oneida, New York I5419
24 Stinger, Keith W.  30 Nov 1935Rome, Oneida, New York I2010
25 Woodell (Dunham), Mala  Abt. 1899Rome, Oneida, New York I5285
26 Worden, Shirley J  24 May 1923Rome, Oneida, New York I5417
27 Worden, Stewart W  1 Apr 1942Rome, Oneida, New York I5421
28 Worden, Stewart William  20 Jul 1916Rome, Oneida, New York I5415


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Edith  4 Aug 1974Rome, Oneida, New York I2337
2 Beebe, Leona  23 Jun 2001Rome, Oneida, New York I1665
3 Beebe (Bell), Katherine  14 Nov 1918Rome, Oneida, New York I1505
4 Beebe (Wade), Isabelle  31 May 1904Rome, Oneida, New York I2897
5 Bristol, Clifford J.  14 Jun 1965Rome, Oneida, New York I2210
6 Caldwell, Eden Frank Sr.  15 Oct 1981Rome, Oneida, New York I1163
7 Drum (Best), Alta M.  19 Jan 1977Rome, Oneida, New York I2188
8 Duncan, Harry  24 Nov 1916Rome, Oneida, New York I4157
9 Fiedler, John Hortan  22 Nov 1966Rome, Oneida, New York I5086
10 Finster, Jennie J  1968Rome, Oneida, New York I5413
11 Knight, Charles Stuart  22 Aug 1906Rome, Oneida, New York I201
12 Knight, Edith Chew  17 Apr 1893Rome, Oneida, New York I198
13 Lansing, Julia  20 May 1969Rome, Oneida, New York I2633
14 Littlefield, Clara L.  18 Aug 1962Rome, Oneida, New York I1908
15 Miller, Floyd H.  7 Feb 1939Rome, Oneida, New York I2698
16 Miller, Homer Orlando  1917Rome, Oneida, New York I2701
17 Muir, Donald Bevan  22 Mar 1977Rome, Oneida, New York I2715
18 Myers, Stanley  Jan 2001Rome, Oneida, New York I2716
19 Nash, Arthur Garfield  25 Feb 1966Rome, Oneida, New York I1909
20 Piersall, Truman H.  13 Feb 1978Rome, Oneida, New York I1274
21 Ryan, Bridget  1912Rome, Oneida, New York I2510
22 Tracy, William A.  25 Feb 1934Rome, Oneida, New York I4240
23 Wilson (Stinger), Helen  2 Sep 1972Rome, Oneida, New York I2008
24 Worden, Esther M  9 Jul 2003Rome, Oneida, New York I5416
25 Worden, Stewart William  26 Feb 1990Rome, Oneida, New York I5415
26 Worden, William P  21 Nov 1952Rome, Oneida, New York I5412


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Miller, Flora  Rome, Oneida, New York I2609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Membership    Person ID 
1 Knight, Charles William  Rome, Oneida, New York I194


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Birmingham, Rev. Patrick Joseph  Jan 1873 - Nov 1875Rome, Oneida, New York I339
2 Holland, Harry F.  1937Rome, Oneida, New York I4125
3 Humez, Emanuel George  1909Rome, Oneida, New York I1461
4 Irish, James A.  1910Rome, Oneida, New York I2509
5 Miller, Homer Orlando  1930Rome, Oneida, New York I2701
6 Stinger, Louis B.  Rome, Oneida, New York I1676
7 Stinger, Louis B.  Rome, Oneida, New York I1676
8 Whitney, Roy O.  1900Rome, Oneida, New York I1346


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Farmer, Homer Lester  1861Rome, Oneida, New York I1366
2 Gilbert, Delos  1930Rome, Oneida, New York I2961
3 Gordon (O'Connor), Anne  1847 - 1848Rome, Oneida, New York I1368
4 Halupka, Karol  1957Rome, Oneida, New York I1399
5 Houck (Somers Deans), Clarabell  1937 - 1951Rome, Oneida, New York I1187
6 Humez, Emanuel George  1909Rome, Oneida, New York I1461
7 Irish, James  1902 - 1910Rome, Oneida, New York I2511
8 Morenus (Humez), Emma Gazelle  1909Rome, Oneida, New York I1460
9 O'Connor, Michael  1847 - 1848Rome, Oneida, New York I3586
10 O'Connor, Nicholas  1847Rome, Oneida, New York I1367
11 Piersall, Truman E.  1898 - 1933Rome, Oneida, New York I4222
12 Ryan, Bridget  1902 - 1912Rome, Oneida, New York I2510
13 Smith, John H.  1856 - 1860Rome, Oneida, New York I3797
14 Stinger, Louis B.  1932Rome, Oneida, New York I1676
15 Tripp, Lydia  1901 - 1936Rome, Oneida, New York I4601
16 Whitney, Roy O.  1900Rome, Oneida, New York I1346
17 Wilson (Stinger), Helen  1932Rome, Oneida, New York I2008


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Knight / Lyndon  16 Oct 1901Rome, Oneida, New York F61
2 Knight / Potter  13 Oct 1875Rome, Oneida, New York F60
3 Lavancher / Snow  18 Feb 1912Rome, Oneida, New York F756
4 Pritchard / Knight  5 Jun 1902Rome, Oneida, New York F1134