Northshore Roots

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Oneida, Madison, New York


Latitude: 43.0925684, Longitude: -75.65129309999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adel, Ida May  1 Sep 1876Oneida, Madison, New York I2548
2 App, John James  Abt. 1863 - 1864Oneida, Madison, New York I16
3 Audas, Anna M.  Abt. 1861Oneida, Madison, New York I518
4 Audas, George Henry  Abt. 1866Oneida, Madison, New York I906
5 Audas, John P.  Abt. 1857Oneida, Madison, New York I910
6 Audas, Thomas D.  Abt. 1868Oneida, Madison, New York I907
7 Audas, W. Garret  Abt. 1864Oneida, Madison, New York I905
8 Bardwell (Roberts), Jenett  Abt. 1820Oneida, Madison, New York I549
9 Burst, Minerva  Abt. 1849Oneida, Madison, New York I352
10 Carroll, Charles J.  Jul 1847Oneida, Madison, New York I790
11 Carroll, Lorin  Abt. 1846Oneida, Madison, New York I696
12 Caswell, Charles E.  Abt. 1843Oneida, Madison, New York I382
13 Caswell, Henry Jay  Abt. 1829Oneida, Madison, New York I859
14 Cutler, Dwight Richard Jr.  8 Aug 1960Oneida, Madison, New York I5354
15 Delaney (Audas), Elizabeth Claire  25 Dec 1872Oneida, Madison, New York I1487
16 Dobson, Izabella G.  Abt. 1854Oneida, Madison, New York I338
17 Dobson, Thomas N.  Abt. 1853Oneida, Madison, New York I331
18 Drum (Kime), Henrietta  Oct 1858Oneida, Madison, New York I726
19 Felts (Griesmyer), Esther Ladue  2 Mar 1897Oneida, Madison, New York I2372
20 Fosdick, Whitman P.  Abt. 1840Oneida, Madison, New York I438
21 Fosdick (Bedell), Mary E.  1853Oneida, Madison, New York I359
22 Godfrey, Samuel Waters  Aug 1843Oneida, Madison, New York I374
23 Hallagan, Christopher  Abt. 1856Oneida, Madison, New York I447
24 Hemenway, George A.  Abt. 1850Oneida, Madison, New York I426
25 Henry, Charles F.  Abt. 1850Oneida, Madison, New York I405
26 Henry, Curtis S.  Abt. 1824 - 1826Oneida, Madison, New York I572
27 Houser, Kathleen Mary  10 May 1920Oneida, Madison, New York I3738
28 Keogh, Thomas  Abt. 1856Oneida, Madison, New York I323
29 Kimbal, Ella Jane  Abt. 1865Oneida, Madison, New York I743
30 Kimbal, Emma Jane  Abt. 1867Oneida, Madison, New York I744
31 Kimbal, Hannah  Abt. 1860Oneida, Madison, New York I742
32 Kimbal, Norman  Abt. 1829-1830Oneida, Madison, New York I738
33 Knight, Abner  Abt. 1831 - 1835Oneida, Madison, New York I966
34 Knight, Cora A.  Abt. 1862 - 1863Oneida, Madison, New York I968
35 Knight, Nellie  Abt. 1867Oneida, Madison, New York I970
36 Kowanes, William Morris  14 Feb 1933Oneida, Madison, New York I4244
37 Kowanes (Reed), Elizabeth K  7 Jul 1927Oneida, Madison, New York I5317
38 Leonard, Garry John Sr  7 Aug 1950Oneida, Madison, New York I2632
39 Leonard, Melinee C.  3 Jun 1967Oneida, Madison, New York I2635
40 Lynch, Jerry  Abt. 1861Oneida, Madison, New York I342
41 Marble, Cyrus C.  29 Nov 1832Oneida, Madison, New York I421
42 Marsh, George H.  May 1839Oneida, Madison, New York I638
43 May, Rosa L.  Abt. 1866Oneida, Madison, New York I670
44 McCluskey, George A.  Abt. 1867Oneida, Madison, New York I619
45 McCluskey, John Francis  Abt. 1865Oneida, Madison, New York I618
46 McCluskey, Lenora  Abt. 1863Oneida, Madison, New York I617
47 Metcalf (Stinger), Alice  26 Nov 1916Oneida, Madison, New York I1690
48 Miller, David F.  Abt. 1860Oneida, Madison, New York I940
49 Miller, Phillip E.  Abt. 1831Oneida, Madison, New York I938
50 Mitchel, Eugene  Abt. 1857Oneida, Madison, New York I848

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 App, Catherine Mary  Nov 1997Oneida, Madison, New York I6
2 Audas, Edward Niles  4 Sep 1928Oneida, Madison, New York I519
3 Barlow, Adaline  22 Mar 1921Oneida, Madison, New York I1869
4 Bevan, Birdella L.  8 Nov 1977Oneida, Madison, New York I2713
5 Bonneau, William Peter  16 Mar 1936Oneida, Madison, New York I1021
6 Covell, Jerusha H.  8 Jan 1931Oneida, Madison, New York I517
7 Darling, John Wells Jr.  22 Feb 1942Oneida, Madison, New York I429
8 Delaney (Audas), Elizabeth Claire  22 Sep 1957Oneida, Madison, New York I1487
9 Extale (Waters), Elizabeth  26 Feb 1952Oneida, Madison, New York I2901
10 Felts (Griesmyer), Esther Ladue  16 Dec 1983Oneida, Madison, New York I2372
11 Griesmyer, Francis Anthony  25 Dec 1962Oneida, Madison, New York I116
12 Grow (Beebe), Flora B.  17 Mar 1957Oneida, Madison, New York I1491
13 Lindfield, Harold  Feb 1964Oneida, Madison, New York I2640
14 Long, Rev. William  3 Oct 1882Oneida, Madison, New York I1298
15 Murray, James R.  4 Jan 2021Oneida, Madison, New York I2759
16 Pease, Frank  5 Sep 1939Oneida, Madison, New York I883
17 Schindler (Darling Hollenbeck), Pearl M.  3 Aug 1984Oneida, Madison, New York I430
18 Steele, Stuart A.  1 Jul 1993Oneida, Madison, New York I2831
19 Turney, Henrietta Quincy  6 Jan 1910Oneida, Madison, New York I2620
20 Unknown, Dorothy M.  20 Dec 1956Oneida, Madison, New York I2518
21 Waldron (Caldwell), Hazel  22 Feb 1976Oneida, Madison, New York I2435
22 Woodin (Audas), Emma  28 Mar 1958Oneida, Madison, New York I2946


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 App, Frank Elliott  Oneida, Madison, New York I7


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Alger, Mortimer D.  1883Oneida, Madison, New York I1310
2 Ashby, Arthur E.  1895Oneida, Madison, New York I2081
3 Ashby, Arthur E.  1895 - 1910Oneida, Madison, New York I2081
4 Audas, Garritt  1883 - 1899Oneida, Madison, New York I516
5 Beach, Mabel  1913 - 1914Oneida, Madison, New York I2131
6 Dixon, Daniel  1918Oneida, Madison, New York I4159
7 Irish, James A.  1922Oneida, Madison, New York I2509
8 Lawrence, Henry Lewis  Oneida, Madison, New York I3353
9 Miller, John E.  1917Oneida, Madison, New York I176


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Desquin, Paul Eugene  Oneida, Madison, New York I4709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Audas, Garritt  1883 - 1899Oneida, Madison, New York I516
2 Bevan, Birdella L.  1920Oneida, Madison, New York I2713
3 Blye (Baker), Jennie Frances  Oneida, Madison, New York I2127
4 Bradshaw, Nicholas  1881Oneida, Madison, New York I557
5 Cottet, Franklin H.  1940 - 1946Oneida, Madison, New York I5179
6 Dawley, George Frank  1917Oneida, Madison, New York I4933
7 Eaton, Lewis Alexander  Oneida, Madison, New York I2364
8 Felts, Frank  Oneida, Madison, New York I1625
9 Garlick (Jones), Hazel  1930 - 1931Oneida, Madison, New York I4046
10 Griesmyer, Richard F.  1988Oneida, Madison, New York I3818
11 Halalston, Herbert Hunt  1938Oneida, Madison, New York I4702
12 Kausner, Lewis  1880 - 1911Oneida, Madison, New York I4152
13 Ladue (Felts), Nellie  Oneida, Madison, New York I876
14 Lawrence, Henry Lewis  1926Oneida, Madison, New York I3353
15 Leonard, Melvin Howard  1959Oneida, Madison, New York I2630
16 Miller, John E.  1917Oneida, Madison, New York I176
17 Murray, James R.  1958Oneida, Madison, New York I2759
18 Sixbery, Oscar W.  1926Oneida, Madison, New York I1938
19 Steele, Stuart A.  1955 - 1993Oneida, Madison, New York I2831
20 Stenson, Annie R.  1933Oneida, Madison, New York I537
21 Welch, Elizabeth C.  1944 - 1964Oneida, Madison, New York I5353


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cleveland / Jaycox  11 Oct 1876Oneida, Madison, New York F517


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   Family    Separation    Family ID 
1 Bradshaw / Andrus (Bradshaw)  26 Nov 1881Oneida, Madison, New York F466