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New York


Latitude: 42.91888865416947, Longitude: -75.58447267860174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Ann E.  1849New York I1970
2 Alexander, Mary B.  Abt. 1858 - 1859New York I1972
3 Alexander, Sarah  Abt. 1858New York I3632
4 Aley, Daniel E.  14 Nov 1848New York I1768
5 Aley, Harriet E.  May 1882New York I2076
6 Aley, Mary  Abt. 1835 - 1839New York I645
7 Alger, Birtie  Abt. 1871New York I1313
8 Alger, Etta  Abt. 1866New York I1312
9 Alger, George  Abt. 1873New York I1314
10 Alger, Mortimer D.  Abt. 1841New York I1310
11 Allen, Frederick J.  Abt. 1853New York I1728
12 App, Catherine Mary  Abt. 1902New York I6
13 App, Clarence George  2 Feb 1906New York I1
14 App, Francis Howard  7 Sep 1882New York I1698
15 Argersinger, Frank  Abt. 1864New York I1111
16 Armstrong, Arthur  Abt. 1821New York I3378
17 Aspell, Julia  Abt. 1831New York I1727
18 Aspell, Phebe A.  Abt. 1827New York I3362
19 Baker, David  1812New York I2128
20 Ballsizer, William  Abt. 1878New York I1104
21 Barger, Catharine  Abt. 1826 - 1827New York I102
22 Barger, Catherine  Abt. 1859New York I3537
23 Barger, Jacob  Abt. 1794New York I3560
24 Barger, Jacob Jr.  Abt. 1830New York I3534
25 Barger, James  Abt. 1857New York I3536
26 Barry, Charles  1860New York I3554
27 Barry, Franklin  Abt. 1842New York I3381
28 Barry, Sarah  Abt. 1845-1847New York I823
29 Barton, John  Abt. 1860New York I3702
30 Beckwith, Edwin  Abt. 1853New York I3384
31 Beckwith, Ransom  Abt. 1812New York I3382
32 Bedell, Estella  Abt. 1879New York I1336
33 Bedell, Milton J.  May 1853New York I1335
34 Beebe, Emerson  Abt. 1868New York I3886
35 Beebe, Helen L.  1851New York I1166
36 Beebe, James H.  1910New York I2371
37 Beebe, Levi  Jan 1853New York I1497
38 Beebe, Lilly  Apr 1870New York I3887
39 Bell, John  Abt. 1833New York I4637
40 Bernhard, Mary  Abt. 1821New York I3329
41 Bernhard, Samuel D.  1822New York I2186
42 Best, Charles  1857New York I1406
43 Best, Charles  Abt. 1880New York I1046
44 Best, Ella  Abt. 1878New York I1045
45 Bitz, Helen A.  1913New York I1531
46 Bitz, Mary L.  1912New York I1530
47 Bly, Tracy D.  Abt. 1854New York I1297
48 Bodine, Mary  Abt. 1855New York I4636
49 Bonneau, Belle  Sep 1879New York I1022
50 Bonneau, Roseanna  Abt. 1867New York I1016

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, David  1895New York I2128
2 Beach, John Staats  17 Nov 1882New York I2159
3 Bradshaw, Ellen  19 Apr 1879New York I555
4 Clark, Betsey  11 Aug 1876New York I2748
5 Cleveland, Ephraim  27 Jan 1885New York I1438
6 Cole, Catharine  9 Aug 1823New York I1442
7 Gooding, Jane Rebecca  7 Sep 1823New York I1441
8 Knight, Arthur Potter  17 Feb 1946New York I199
9 Page, Orlando  27 Mar 1875New York I2737
10 Willard, Harry  13 Jan 1884New York I1516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Best, Margaret  5 May 1849New York I1189
2 Mulholland, Margret  1848New York I1261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Best, Harry Eugene  1925 - 1958New York I2189
2 Macnish, Rev. George Herbert  1941New York I2019
3 Neiss, Alice N.  1969New York I4095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Clayson, Emma  1860New York I3498
2 Drum, Mary M.  1860New York I3559
3 Edgerton, Ebenezer  1860New York I3920
4 Edgerton, Edward  1860New York I3922
5 Hallagan, Elizabeth  1860New York I3995
6 Hallagan, William  1860New York I3994
7 Heeney, Mary  1860New York I3477
8 Holdbrook, Elizabeth  1860New York I3474
9 Holdbrook, Julia  1860New York I3473
10 Lanney, Mary  1860New York I3910
11 Long, Henry J.  1860New York I2653
12 Pearl, Orrin C.  1860New York I3962
13 Short, Charles  1860New York I3494
14 Short, Edward  1860New York I3496
15 Unknown, Dorothia  1860New York I3692
16 Unknown, Mary M.  1860New York I3599


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN    Person ID 
1 App, Clarence George  Before 1951New York I1
2 App, Helen Azalia  1960 - 1962New York I4
3 Caldwell, Eden W. Jr.  New York I3733
4 Davis, George E.  New York I226


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Stinger / Brown  1843New York F229