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Constantia, Oswego, New York


Latitude: 43.2478466, Longitude: -76.00019650000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Julius  18 Jan 1847Constantia, Oswego, New York I1417
2 App, John Weber  Nov 1896Constantia, Oswego, New York I5
3 Batchelor, Clarence E.  20 Apr 1891Constantia, Oswego, New York I2143
4 Beebe, Galusha  7 Jan 1816Constantia, Oswego, New York I1495
5 Beebe, James H.  21 Dec 1842Constantia, Oswego, New York I763
6 Best, John  Jun 1859Constantia, Oswego, New York I1087
7 Best, Marion M.  30 Dec 1881Constantia, Oswego, New York I1088
8 Best, Mildred  10 Feb 1898Constantia, Oswego, New York I1380
9 Best, Ruby  Apr 1889Constantia, Oswego, New York I1120
10 Best, William H.  Abt. 1852Constantia, Oswego, New York I1404
11 Best (Town LaDue), Louisa  1856Constantia, Oswego, New York I1405
12 Bristol, Oscar G.  20 Jul 1872Constantia, Oswego, New York I2208
13 Cleveland, Rosella  11 Dec 1807Constantia, Oswego, New York I1813
14 Delahunt, Anna  1836Constantia, Oswego, New York I3592
15 Dunn (Batchelor), Gail G.  15 Jan 1894Constantia, Oswego, New York I2144
16 Kimball, Edward  1855Constantia, Oswego, New York I4110
17 Kimball, Jamain  1846Constantia, Oswego, New York I4108
18 Kimball, John T.  1859Constantia, Oswego, New York I4111
19 Kimball, Margaret  1852Constantia, Oswego, New York I4109
20 Marsh, John Edward  4 Apr 1843Constantia, Oswego, New York I2669
21 Morse, Albert C. Jr.  Jun 1842Constantia, Oswego, New York I312
22 Piersall, William  27 Oct 1895Constantia, Oswego, New York I5297
23 Prentice, Lillian F.  Abt. 1859Constantia, Oswego, New York I113
24 Robbins, Anna E.  22 Feb 1877Constantia, Oswego, New York I2792
25 Rowe, Benjamin D.  28 Aug 1891Constantia, Oswego, New York I5295
26 Russell (Pease), Millie R  14 Mar 1864Constantia, Oswego, New York I4112
27 Schmidt, William  16 Jun 1885Constantia, Oswego, New York I1378
28 Wickham (Griesmyer), Maria Elizabeth  Feb 1890Constantia, Oswego, New York I3835
29 Willard, Evaline A.  29 Oct 1852Constantia, Oswego, New York I1524
30 Winn, Maria  13 Feb 1837Constantia, Oswego, New York I4218


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Cynthia Fidelia  13 Jun 1857Constantia, Oswego, New York I1426
2 Cleveland, Nehemiah  12 Dec 1847Constantia, Oswego, New York I1806
3 Cleveland (Buck), Polly  8 Jul 1883Constantia, Oswego, New York I1804
4 Daly, John  22 May 1875Constantia, Oswego, New York I2373
5 Kimball, Catherine Miriah  13 Dec 1918Constantia, Oswego, New York I882
6 Landgraff, John Francis  11 Jan 1913Constantia, Oswego, New York I97
7 Mallet (Humez), Louisa Marie  20 Feb 1898Constantia, Oswego, New York I2877
8 Marsh, Charley  17 Jun 1883Constantia, Oswego, New York I2671
9 Morse, Phoebe  24 Feb 1911Constantia, Oswego, New York I1322
10 Scofield (Cleveland), Sarah  13 Apr 1842Constantia, Oswego, New York I1810
11 Unknown (Daly), Mary  22 May 1875Constantia, Oswego, New York I2374


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Schmidt, John Gloude  1900Constantia, Oswego, New York I1375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Membership    Person ID 
1 Davis, George E.  Constantia, Oswego, New York I226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bitz, John D.  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1583
2 Carter, Julian  1860Constantia, Oswego, New York I2258
3 Carter, Julian  1863Constantia, Oswego, New York I2258
4 Caswell, Henry Jay  1867Constantia, Oswego, New York I859
5 Cleveland, Ephraim  1854Constantia, Oswego, New York I1438
6 Cleveland, Ephraim  1877Constantia, Oswego, New York I1438
7 Cook, John  1865Constantia, Oswego, New York I1590
8 Daly, John  1860 - 1870Constantia, Oswego, New York I2373
9 Davis, George E.  Constantia, Oswego, New York I226
10 Davis, George E.  Constantia, Oswego, New York I226
11 Davis, George E.  Constantia, Oswego, New York I226
12 Dawley, Eugene F.  1938Constantia, Oswego, New York I2111
13 Feeler, Leander  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I5089
14 Feeler, Peter P.  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1650
15 Feeler, Robert H.  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1701
16 Foster, William H.  Abt. 1830 - 1833Constantia, Oswego, New York I41
17 Foster, William H.  1879Constantia, Oswego, New York I41
18 Gallagher, James L.  1889 - 1890Constantia, Oswego, New York I68
19 Gallagher, James L.  1891 - 1895Constantia, Oswego, New York I68
20 Gallagher, William M.  1910 - 1914Constantia, Oswego, New York I71
21 Getman, Crawford  1882Constantia, Oswego, New York I1110
22 Getman, Oliver  1885 - 1888Constantia, Oswego, New York I1612
23 Gouchie, John Baptiste  1900Constantia, Oswego, New York  I1224
24 Harding, George  1875 - 1876Constantia, Oswego, New York I450
25 Harding, George  1878Constantia, Oswego, New York I450
26 Lane, Giles Willlard  1861Constantia, Oswego, New York I733
27 Laraway (Morse), Grace R.  26 Sept 1963Constantia, Oswego, New York  I145
28 Little, John  1860 - 1880Constantia, Oswego, New York I2647
29 Miles, Frederick W.  1858 - 1859Constantia, Oswego, New York I2693
30 Miles, Frederick W.  1871 - 1874Constantia, Oswego, New York I2693
31 Morse, Albert  1856 - 1857Constantia, Oswego, New York I1321
32 Morse, Harold Albert Sr.  Abt. 1959 - 1963Constantia, Oswego, New York I144
33 Woodell (Dunham), Mala  1917Constantia, Oswego, New York I5285


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Auringer, Lewis K.  1896Constantia, Oswego, New York I5318
2 Beebe, Nathan  1795Constantia, Oswego, New York I1496
3 Bitz, John D.  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1583
4 Bitz, Lorenzo F.  1845 - 1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1575
5 Blankman, Edgar G.  1920Constantia, Oswego, New York I2199
6 Bristol, William L.  1909Constantia, Oswego, New York I1059
7 Bristol (Parker), Mildred M.  1934Constantia, Oswego, New York I2747
8 Busam (Gallagher), Frances A.  1892Constantia, Oswego, New York I70
9 Carroll, Nehemiah A.  1863Constantia, Oswego, New York I2243
10 Cleveland, Elvira  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1873
11 Cleveland, George Washington  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I685
12 Cleveland, Mariette  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1874
13 Cleveland, Mariette  1910Constantia, Oswego, New York I1874
14 Cook, John  1861 - 1865Constantia, Oswego, New York I1590
15 Cottet, Franklin  1865Constantia, Oswego, New York I2301
16 Cottet, Isadore  1865Constantia, Oswego, New York I4214
17 Daly, John  1860 - 1870Constantia, Oswego, New York I2373
18 Danks, H.L.  1896Constantia, Oswego, New York I5320
19 Davis, Almon  1896Constantia, Oswego, New York I4340
20 Dunn (Batchelor), Gail G.  1958Constantia, Oswego, New York I2144
21 Dyer, John  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1214
22 Dyer, William  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1175
23 Este, James  1923Constantia, Oswego, New York I4016
24 Feeler, Robert H.  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1701
25 Fitzpatrick, Patrick  1862Constantia, Oswego, New York I483
26 Gallagher, James L.  Abt. 1854 - 1892Constantia, Oswego, New York I68
27 Gallagher, William M.  1892Constantia, Oswego, New York I71
28 Greiner, Pembroke  1870Constantia, Oswego, New York I1877
29 Haines, Edward  1896Constantia, Oswego, New York I5321
30 Kenrick, J.  1896Constantia, Oswego, New York I5322
31 Leonard, Melinee C.  Constantia, Oswego, New York I2635
32 Leonard, Noel  1883Constantia, Oswego, New York I2984
33 Little, John  1880Constantia, Oswego, New York I2647
34 Marcellus, Frank W.  1918Constantia, Oswego, New York I4745
35 Morse, Albert  1825Constantia, Oswego, New York I1321
36 Mulholland, Patrick J.  1865 - 1870Constantia, Oswego, New York I1554
37 Mulholland (Bitz), Catherine  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I1584
38 Parker, Frank W.  1933 - 1934Constantia, Oswego, New York I2746
39 Rhode, G.H.  1896Constantia, Oswego, New York I5319
40 Short, Greenville  1910Constantia, Oswego, New York I1879
41 Stinger (Cleveland), Elizabeth  1850Constantia, Oswego, New York I686
42 Tabor, William A.  1896Constantia, Oswego, New York I4478
43 Unknown (Busam), Madaline M.  1892Constantia, Oswego, New York I72
44 Unknown (Cottet), Frances  1865Constantia, Oswego, New York I2302
45 Unknown (Daly), Mary  1860 - 1880Constantia, Oswego, New York I2374
46 Unknown (Mulholland), Mary  Abt. 1846Constantia, Oswego, New York I1559
47 Winn, Maria  1837Constantia, Oswego, New York I4218
48 Woodell (Dunham), Mala  1917Constantia, Oswego, New York I5285


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Leonard / Becker (Leonard)  25 Dec 1882Constantia, Oswego, New York F881
2 Watson / Landgraff (Watson)  26 May 1909Constantia, Oswego, New York F1155
3 Whitmore / Bitz  30 Dec 1909Constantia, Oswego, New York F429
4 Winks / Watson (Winks)  29 Feb 1936Constantia, Oswego, New York F1116