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Cleveland, Oswego, New York


Notes: The village was incorporated by the Legislature on April 15, 1857.
Latitude: 43.2403467, Longitude: -75.88380269999999


1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Ellen Jane  1855Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1969
2 Alexander, Joseph  1 Jun 1851Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1971
3 Alexander, William  15 Dec 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1973
4 App, Frank Elliott  10 Jul 1910Cleveland, Oswego, New York I7
5 App, Helen Azalia  2 Jul 1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4
6 Audas, Edward Niles  24 Feb 1865Cleveland, Oswego, New York I519
7 Bacon, Elizabeth  1824Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1795
8 Batchelor, Pearl Agnes  23 Nov 1928Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3730
9 Beach, Charlotte  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1572
10 Beebe, Allis Leona  14 Oct 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2207
11 Beebe, Daisy  17 Jun 1886Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1652
12 Beebe, Edward  26 Jun 1853Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4695
13 Beebe, Edward Ezra  17 Mar 1887Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2624
14 Beebe, Harriet  20 Apr 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2219
15 Beebe, Isabelle  Dec 1876Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2897
16 Beebe, Katherine  6 Nov 1888Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1505
17 Beebe, Leona  3 Jun 1914Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1665
18 Beebe, Margaret C.  12 Mar 1911Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2176
19 Beebe, Samuel P.  23 Jan 1886Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2623
20 Beebe, William  1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1348
21 Bernhard, John Audas  8 Feb 1885Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2181
22 Best, Harry Eugene  25 Nov 1888Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2189
23 Best, Leona M.  19 Apr 1891Cleveland, Oswego, New York I73
24 Best, Mae  1888Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4654
25 Best, Neva Viola  16 Nov 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I873
26 Binger, Hattie L.  28 Oct 1873Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2198
27 Bitz, Clarence F.  3 Jul 1915Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1532
28 Bitz, Leo Joseph  7 Jan 1908Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1529
29 Bitz, Lorenzo F.  1 Jan 1845Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1575
30 Bonneau, Alfred P.  18 Dec 1891Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1623
31 Bonneau, Floyd  3 Feb 1889Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1622
32 Bonneau, Joseph Jr.  1861 - 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1015
33 Bonneau, Leon Augustus  31 Oct 1886Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1648
34 Bonneau, Satie A.  1893Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1624
35 Bonneau, William Peter  19 Mar 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1021
36 Bristol, Floyd Allison  15 Jan 1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2209
37 Brown, Clifton B.  Abt. 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1606
38 Buck, Deborah S.  Abt. 1956Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3461
39 Burst, Fredrick  10 Apr 1879Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1334
40 Campbell, Ellen  Aug 1869Cleveland, Oswego, New York I57
41 Carroll, Loren Wallace  14 Jul 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1227
42 Chisholm, John C.  Abt. 1849 - 1852Cleveland, Oswego, New York I259
43 Chisholm, Mary E.  13 May 1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3497
44 Cleveland, Charles  28 Jan 1851Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1875
45 Cleveland, Charlotte L.  1842Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1796
46 Cleveland, Elvira  Abt. 1845-1847Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1873
47 Cleveland, Evelyn  Dec 1856Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1876
48 Cleveland, George Henry  Aug 1853Cleveland, Oswego, New York I687
49 Cleveland, Mariette  1848Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1874
50 Cleveland, Mary Francis  Jun 1850Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1609

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abel, Lucy K.  27 Dec 1977Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1634
2 Alexander, Ellen Jane  14 Nov 1874Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1969
3 Alexander, Joseph  15 Sep 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1971
4 Alexander, Sarah  21 May 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2648
5 Aley, Daniel E.  28 Jul 1890Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1768
6 App, Clarence George  17 Dec 1985Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1
7 Audas, Jessie E.  8 Jun 1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York I520
8 Audas, Peter  24 Jan 1909Cleveland, Oswego, New York I903
9 Babbie, Lee E.  31 Jan 2020Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4522
10 Baker, George Getman  18 Jun 1940Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2125
11 Bauer, Margret  17 Dec 1889Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1086
12 Beebe, Henry J.  31 Oct 1940Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1347
13 Beebe, Hollis Doris  30 Mar 1995Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2627
14 Beebe, James H.  28 Mar 1914Cleveland, Oswego, New York I763
15 Beebe, Margaret C.  2 Oct 1975Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2176
16 Best, Infant  1 Oct 1882Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2508
17 Best, Maria  27 Aug 1929Cleveland, Oswego, New York I168
18 Best, Michael Louis  7 Dec 1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1085
19 Best, William H.  8 May 1922Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1404
20 Bigelow, Lucy  24 Jan 1939Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4038
21 Bitz, John F.  3 Sep 1955Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1514
22 Bitz, Joseph  1950Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1512
23 Bonneau, Joseph Jr.  1890Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1015
24 Bopp, Frederick  23 Feb 1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2201
25 Bradshaw, Thomas  14 Jul 1886Cleveland, Oswego, New York I552
26 Brown, Martha  27 Oct 1887Cleveland, Oswego, New York I899
27 Busam, Frances A.  8 May 1945Cleveland, Oswego, New York I70
28 Carroll, James Jr.  12 Dec 1882Cleveland, Oswego, New York I694
29 Chisholm, Archibald Scott  10 Apr 1874Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1610
30 Christiana, Hannah  29 Mar 1866Cleveland, Oswego, New York I83
31 Cleveland, Bylington  3 Feb 1908Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1669
32 Cleveland, George Washington  21 Sep 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I685
33 Cleveland, James  15 Jun 1857Cleveland, Oswego, New York I10
34 Codner, Ray  4 Dec 1936Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1925
35 Cole, Anna Sophia  18 Jun 1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I313
36 Cole, Hattie  28 Jun 1931Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2941
37 Congden, Elmer A.  6 Nov 1920Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1319
38 Cook, John  20 Jun 1900Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1590
39 Cottet, Isadore  6 Jul 1933Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4214
40 Cummins, Charles  26 Apr 1898Cleveland, Oswego, New York I101
41 Davis, Almira  7 Sep 1876Cleveland, Oswego, New York I695
42 Deans, John  10 Jan 1904Cleveland, Oswego, New York I353
43 Delahunt, Catherine  1927Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3597
44 Delahunt, Edward  23 Oct 1935Cleveland, Oswego, New York I91
45 Delahunt, Patrick  11 Feb 1863Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3590
46 Desjardins, Mark Emery  7 Aug 1992Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4062
47 Desjardins, Wilfred David  5 Jul 1996Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4061
48 Desquin, Malvina  8 Jan 1887Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2547
49 Duhamel, James L.  9 Feb 1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3762
50 Dunham, Sophina Melissa  26 Apr 1926Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2393

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brosmore, Albert  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I916
2 Humez, Ernest Desire Sr  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2546
3 Mulholland, Margret  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1261
4 Piersall, Willard D.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4651
5 Senecal, Louisa Esther  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 App, Frank Elliott  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I7
2 Beebe, Samuel P.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2623
3 Bradshaw, Lizzie  1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I559
4 Delahunt, Walter C.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I90
5 Gallagher, James L.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I68
6 Gallagher, Michael  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4603
7 Houser, Frederick W.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1140
8 Kent, Anson Earle  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2103
9 Will, Amy M.  1898Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1408


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Health    Person ID 
1 Alger, Mortimer D.  1882Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1310
2 Bristol, Frederick J.  1937Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2212
3 Fitzpatrick, John  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I926
4 Gouchie, Frank X.  5 Oct 1932Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1660
5 Stinger, Floyd E.  21 Jun 1933Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1680
6 Unknown, Sarah  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3701
7 Vose, Richard  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3633


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Hobbies    Person ID 
1 Gallagher, William W.  1922 - 1923Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4168
2 Leonard, Louis George  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I172
3 Schmidt, Charles P.  1911Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1374
4 Schmidt, William  1911Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1378


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 Baker, George Getman  1917Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2125
2 Best, Charles  1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1406
3 Best, William H.  1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1404
4 Carroll, Charles  20 Jan 1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York I790
5 Feeler, Henry  15 Oct 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1836
6 Piersall, Ransom D.  1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I672
7 Stinson, Ralph  4 Mar 1882Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2980
8 Tracy, Daniel  2 May 1879Cleveland, Oswego, New York I932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Membership    Person ID 
1 App, Clarence George  1939Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1
2 Beebe, Henry J.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1347
3 Coffin, Roland C.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4200
4 Gallagher, James L.  30 Mar 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I68


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Bauer, John W.  11 Jan 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1587
2 Bradshaw, Thomas  2 Oct 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I552
3 Bruhler, Jacob  1 Oct 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1588
4 Chaffat, Joseph  24 Sep 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1589
5 Cook, John  26 Oct 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1590
6 Fellows, Jerome W.  3 Jan 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1592
7 Fellows, Zachariah B.  2 Dec 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1591
8 Green, William C.  1 Dec 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1593
9 Hurd, James  1 Jan 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1594
10 Hurlburt, Martin C.  1 Dec 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1595
11 Johnston, Malchern  24 Sep 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1596
12 Kipps, Otto  24 Sep 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1597
13 Landers, Harry  3 Jan 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1598
14 Leonard, John  29 Aug 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1599
15 Marsden, Benjamin Franklin  14 Oct 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3016
16 Marsden, Benjamin Franklin  1862 - 1864Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3016
17 Richardson, John H.  1 Jan 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1601
18 VandenBergh, Andrew G.  2 May 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1602
19 Wardell, John  6 Oct 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1603
20 Wells, Albert Harvey  29 Aug 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1605
21 Wells, George H.  29 Aug 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Alger, Mortimer D.  1877 - 1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1310
2 Allen, Abner H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3435
3 Allen, Vine A.  1866 - 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I305
4 Allen, Vine A.  1866 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I305
5 Andrus, Benjamin C.  1875 - 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I986
6 Anguish, Champion  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3903
7 App, Clarence George  1940 - 1945Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1
8 App, Frank J.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I750
9 App, George C.  1892 - 1958Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2
10 App, Martin  1870 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I11
11 App, Martin  1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I11
12 App, Martin  1866 - 1892Cleveland, Oswego, New York I11
13 Artcher, J.W.  1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2976
14 Aspell, James W.  1857Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1614
15 Aspell, James W.  1860 - 1895Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1614
16 Aspell, Julia  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1727
17 Audas, Garritt  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I516
18 Audas, Garritt  1860 - 1882Cleveland, Oswego, New York I516
19 Audas, Garritt  1880 - 1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York I516
20 Avery, Jane  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I653
21 Babcock, Dr. Willis G.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1948
22 Babcock, Dr. Willis G.  1912 - 1913Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1948
23 Bacon, Elizabeth  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1795
24 Barger, Jacob  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3560
25 Barnes, Merritt  1869Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4535
26 Beckwith, Ransom  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3382
27 Beebe, Henry J.  1920 - 1940Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1347
28 Beebe, James H.  1894Cleveland, Oswego, New York I763
29 Beebe, Nathan G.  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1499
30 Bell, Daniel  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I280
31 Bell, John  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4637
32 Benan, Mary  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I340
33 Best, Francis  1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I77
34 Best, Harry Eugene  1910Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2189
35 Best, John  1879Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1087
36 Best, Michael Louis  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1085
37 Binger, Charles A.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2196
38 Binger, Frederick  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2197
39 Bitz, Leo Joseph  1951 - 1980Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1529
40 Bitz, Mary L.  1933Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1530
41 Bly, Tracy D.  1914Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1297
42 Bonneau, Alfred P.  1923Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1623
43 Bonneau, Leon Augustus  1927Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1648
44 Bonneau, Satie A.  1909Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1624
45 Bopp, Frederick  1921 - 1933Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2201
46 Bortle, Clara  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1101
47 Bradshaw, Thomas  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I552
48 Briggs, Rheuben  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3565
49 Briggs, Theodore  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3567
50 Brikle, Caspar  1877 - 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2955

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Physical Description

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Physical Description    Person ID 
1 App, Martin  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I11


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Coon, John  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1271


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Leonard  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1414
2 Albertson, Inzaola  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I999
3 Albertson, Robert  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I996
4 Albertson, Robert F.  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I998
5 Alexander, Ann E.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1970
6 Alexander, Ellen Jane  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1969
7 Alexander, John  Abt. 1852 - 1865Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1968
8 Alexander, Joseph  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1971
9 Alexander, Mary B.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1972
10 Alexander, Sarah  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3632
11 Alexander, Sarah  1848 - 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2648
12 Aley, Julia  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I610
13 Aley, Mary  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I645
14 Alger, Birtie  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1313
15 Alger, Etta  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1312
16 Alger, George  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1314
17 Alger, Mortimer D.  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1310
18 Allen, Abner H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3435
19 Allen, Adelaide  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I307
20 Allen, Almada D.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I420
21 Allen, Frederick J.  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1728
22 Allen, Vine A.  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I305
23 Andris, Gustave  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1007
24 Andris, Gustave Jr.  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1009
25 Andrus, B.B.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I989
26 Andrus, Benjamin C.  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I986
27 Andrus, Charles A.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I988
28 Andrus, Henry M.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2982
29 Andrus, Laura A.  1875-1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I990
30 Andrus, W. Franklin  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I991
31 Anguish, Champion  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3903
32 App, Caroline  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I18
33 App, Catherine Mary  1952Cleveland, Oswego, New York I6
34 App, Clarence George  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1
35 App, Frank J.  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I750
36 App, George C.  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2
37 App, John James  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I16
38 App, Martin  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I11
39 Arey, Harriet  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1325
40 Argersinger, Elbert R.  1875 - 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I858
41 Argersinger, Frank  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1111
42 Argersinger, Frank H.  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I51
43 Armstrong, Arthur  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3378
44 Armstrong, Edith  1930Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2337
45 Ashby, Harriett  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4683
46 Asker, Margret  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1220
47 Aspell, James W.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1614
48 Aspell, Julia  1860 - 1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1727
49 Aspell, Phebe A.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3362
50 Auborn, Roberta  1993Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1097

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Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Farmer  14 Aug 1879Cleveland, Oswego, New York F867
2 Bedell / Fosdick  26 Dec 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York F340
3 Best / Cleveland  1876Cleveland, Oswego, New York F453
4 Bitz / Best  22 Sep 1949Cleveland, Oswego, New York F514
5 Carroll / Unknown (Redick)  7 Nov 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York F312
6 Coady / Hastings  1929Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1193
7 Davis / Stinger  15 Sep 1921Cleveland, Oswego, New York F457
8 Delahunt / LeMonnier  17 Mar 1947Cleveland, Oswego, New York F30
9 Drum / Grow  9 Apr 1898Cleveland, Oswego, New York F452
10 Duncan / Foster  3 Nov 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York F17
11 Falvey / Dixon  27 Jan 1876Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1185
12 Gouchie / Watson  29 Oct 1915Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1167
13 Hastings / Redick  12 May 1879Cleveland, Oswego, New York F630
14 Jennings / Will  6 Aug 1902Cleveland, Oswego, New York F362
15 Kime / Leonard  21 Jan 1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York F52
16 Knight / Robinson  3 Jan 1905Cleveland, Oswego, New York F62
17 Lavancher / Hoose  22 Oct 1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York F443
18 Lavancher / Turney  28 Sep 1902Cleveland, Oswego, New York F757
19 Lynch / Dwyer  29 Oct 1910Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1160
20 Nichols / Landgraff  21 Nov 1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1291
21 Payne / Lavancher  19 Feb 1928Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1240
22 Ransom / Gallagher  21 May 1936Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1246
23 Root / Johnson  1896Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1226
24 Simonds / Abbott  6 Apr 1851Cleveland, Oswego, New York F367
25 Stinger / Metcalf  15 Oct 1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York F461
26 Tallman / Tracy  24 Dec 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York F306
27 Town / Best  1872Cleveland, Oswego, New York F270
28 Treen / Stinger  13 Mar 1943Cleveland, Oswego, New York F458
29 Willard / Knapp  4 Feb 1852Cleveland, Oswego, New York F413
30 Woodin / Van Dyke  6 Mar 1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York F877

Family Note

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Family Note    Family ID 
1 Bradshaw / Andrus  Apr 1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York F466
2 Bradshaw / Andrus  16 May 1882Cleveland, Oswego, New York F466
3 Grimshaw / Lord  1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York F1161
4 Robus / Unknown  5 Feb 1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York F110
5 Waters / Avery  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York F171
6 Wise / Kavanaugh  1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York F876
7 Woodin / Roberts  11 Aug 1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York F861