Northshore Roots

Cleveland Historical Society's community tree.

Bavaria, Germany


Latitude: 48.7904472, Longitude: 11.497889499999928


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bauer, John Peter  1796Bavaria, Germany I1767
2 Bauer, John W.  Abt. 1813Bavaria, Germany I1587
3 Bauer, Margret  Abt. 1820Bavaria, Germany I1086
4 Bauer, Mary  Mar 1832Bavaria, Germany I1474
5 Best, Catherine  Abt. 1846 - 1847Bavaria, Germany I1401
6 Best, John  Jun 1824Bavaria, Germany I1526
7 Best, Michael Louis  Abt. 1820Bavaria, Germany I1085
8 Best (Leonard), Maria  18 Dec 1844Bavaria, Germany I168
9 Best (Schmidt), Louise  14 Nov 1850Bavaria, Germany I1089
10 Best (Stoltz), Louisa  Sep 1834Bavaria, Germany I1527
11 Crunch, Minnie  Abt. 1847Bavaria, Germany I4635
12 Jielle, Joseph  Abt. 1845Bavaria, Germany I4815
13 Kime, Philip  Abt. 1826-1830Bavaria, Germany I644
14 Kreuzer, Anton  Abt. 1835Bavaria, Germany I4624
15 Legal, August  Abt. 1838Bavaria, Germany I4629
16 Legal, Katherina  Abt. 1862Bavaria, Germany I4631
17 Pfaffel, Jios  Abt. 1837Bavaria, Germany I4626
18 Schindler, Jacob  Abt. 1847Bavaria, Germany I4818
19 Unknown, Franziska  Abt. 1842Bavaria, Germany I4630
20 Unknown, Katharina  Abt. 1840Bavaria, Germany I4625
21 Unknown (Jielle), Anna  Abt. 1843Bavaria, Germany I4816
22 Unknown (Pfaffel), Barbara  Abt. 1847Bavaria, Germany I4627
23 Unknown (Schindler), Mary  Abt. 1869Bavaria, Germany I4819
24 Unknown (Warner), Francis  Abt. 1816Bavaria, Germany I1082