Northshore Roots

Cleveland Historical Society's community tree.

New Jersey


Latitude: 39.704369439380365, Longitude: -74.64038087055087


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albertson, Robert  Abt, 1836New Jersey I996
2 Arey, Harriet  Abt. 1833New Jersey I1325
3 Aspell, James W.  Abt. 1803New Jersey I1614
4 Cheesman, Daniel  Abt. 1853New Jersey I1170
5 Cox, Charles  Abt. 1851New Jersey I3971
6 Crispin, Edward  1830New Jersey I952
7 Este, Alfred Augustus  Abt. 1803New Jersey I4009
8 Gifford, Robert A.  Oct 1861New Jersey I4966
9 Griner, George K.  Abt. 1848New Jersey I3668
10 Herle, Lina  Abt. 1872New Jersey I514
11 King, Charles R. Jr.  Abt. 1869New Jersey I364
12 McCoy, Benjamin W.  Abt. 1843New Jersey I3879
13 McCoy, Emma E.  Abt. 1838New Jersey I3878
14 McCoy, Harriet  Abt. 1837New Jersey I3876
15 McCoy, Jesse  Abt. 1841New Jersey I3547
16 McCoy, Nicholas  Abt. 1815New Jersey I3874
17 McCoy, Sarah  Abt. 1841New Jersey I3877
18 McKee, Samuel  Abt. 1851New Jersey I1030
19 Niepling, Debbie  Abt. 1865New Jersey I4899
20 Otterson, George  Abt. 1827 - 1832New Jersey I588
21 Schmidt (Senecal), Jeanette M.  Feb 1876New Jersey I1510
22 Town, Oliver  1849New Jersey I1090
23 Unknown, Jane  Abt. 1813New Jersey I3875
24 Unknown, Manerva  Abt. 1841New Jersey I997
25 Unknown (Crispin), Mary  1829New Jersey I953
26 Unknown (Dixon), Mary Ann  Abt. 1833New Jersey I269
27 Van Blarcom, Jacob Van Riper  21 Apr 1818New Jersey I2889