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Camden, Oneida, New York


Latitude: 43.3345138, Longitude: -75.74796400000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Audas, Mary Louise  3 Jun 1855Camden, Oneida, New York I909
2 Cleveland, Alta F.  15 Jul 1858Camden, Oneida, New York I1576
3 Farnsworth, Mary Ann  24 Mar 1845Camden, Oneida, New York I2438
4 Potter, Asher Smith  26 Jan 1805Camden, Oneida, New York I499
5 Price, Betty Marie  25 Jul 1928Camden, Oneida, New York I1545
6 Short, Joseph C.  25 Oct 1856Camden, Oneida, New York I3495
7 Stevens, Franklin  18 Aug 1813Camden, Oneida, New York I308


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beebe, Helen L.  26 Sep 1909Camden, Oneida, New York I1166
2 Bonneau, Alfred P.  24 Aug 1967Camden, Oneida, New York I1623
3 Campbell, Mary Elizabeth  9 Mar 1918Camden, Oneida, New York I535
4 Cleveland, Wellington  25 Dec 1880Camden, Oneida, New York I1817
5 Cramp, Mary  15 Apr 1883Camden, Oneida, New York I42
6 Kenyon, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1949Camden, Oneida, New York I186
7 Koehler, Grace Pauline  14 Sep 1923Camden, Oneida, New York I2810
8 Lavancher, Emery  4 Nov 1938Camden, Oneida, New York I2618
9 Osborn, Friend William  12 Feb 1934Camden, Oneida, New York I4228
10 Schmidt, Frank F.  26 Nov 1970Camden, Oneida, New York I1377
11 Stenson, Gertrude  6 Apr 1933Camden, Oneida, New York I538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Short, Joseph C.  Camden, Oneida, New York I3495
2 Stenson, Gertrude  Camden, Oneida, New York I538


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Alexander, John  Abt. 1840 - 1852Camden, Oneida, New York I1968
2 Babcock, Dr. Willis G.  1916 - 1923Camden, Oneida, New York I1948
3 Duncan, Irvine  1882Camden, Oneida, New York I52
4 Marble, David  1865 - 1900Camden, Oneida, New York I1600
5 Matthews, Levi  Abt. 1822Camden, Oneida, New York I3011
6 Osborn, Friend William  1918 - 1934Camden, Oneida, New York I4228
7 Stinger, Anna Louise  1943Camden, Oneida, New York I1684
8 Tasker, Clinton  1883Camden, Oneida, New York I371


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alexander, John  Abt. 1840 - 1852Camden, Oneida, New York I1968
2 Babcock, Dr. Willis G.  1916 - 1923Camden, Oneida, New York I1948
3 Beebe, Helen L.  1909Camden, Oneida, New York I1166
4 Blodgett, Polly  Abt. 1822Camden, Oneida, New York I3012
5 Buckley, Mary  Camden, Oneida, New York I4692
6 Campbell, Mary Elizabeth  1906 - 1918Camden, Oneida, New York I535
7 Coady, John  1933Camden, Oneida, New York I4248
8 Crimmins, Daniel  Camden, Oneida, New York I4691
9 Dean, Gary L.  2014Camden, Oneida, New York I2528
10 Dixon, Alice  1912 - 1920Camden, Oneida, New York I4170
11 Duncan, Harry  Camden, Oneida, New York I4157
12 Duncan, Irvine  1 Feb 1879 - 1882Camden, Oneida, New York I52
13 Falvey, Daniel E.  1912 - 1920Camden, Oneida, New York I4169
14 Foster, Ellen  1883Camden, Oneida, New York I43
15 Garlick, William  1937Camden, Oneida, New York I4665
16 Garlick, William F.  1867 - 1875Camden, Oneida, New York I2418
17 Hamilton, Emmaline E.  1865 - 1875Camden, Oneida, New York I2419
18 Harding, George  1852Camden, Oneida, New York I450
19 Hastings, Ethel G.  1930Camden, Oneida, New York I4194
20 Herle, Dr. Francik E.  1878Camden, Oneida, New York I511
21 Holland, Harry F.  1933 - 1936Camden, Oneida, New York I4125
22 Johnson, Kate  1896 - 1934Camden, Oneida, New York I4253
23 Knight, Clara G.  1930Camden, Oneida, New York I969
24 Knight, George H.  1930Camden, Oneida, New York I971
25 Lane, Charles H.  1867 - 1930Camden, Oneida, New York I4219
26 Lavancher, Eleanor T.  1953 - 1959Camden, Oneida, New York I3786
27 Lavancher, Emery  1938Camden, Oneida, New York I2618
28 Marble, David  1865 - 1900Camden, Oneida, New York I1600
29 Maxwell, Mayme  1891Camden, Oneida, New York I4182
30 McFerren, Ellen  Before 1852Camden, Oneida, New York I1967
31 Osborn, Friend William  1879 - 1934Camden, Oneida, New York I4228
32 Palmer, Ruth Dorothy  1929Camden, Oneida, New York I4185
33 Palmeter, Charles F.  1953 - 1959Camden, Oneida, New York I3787
34 Ransom, Elsworth Arthur  1936Camden, Oneida, New York I4583
35 Rice, Harold  1936Camden, Oneida, New York I4650
36 Root, Ervin B.  Camden, Oneida, New York I4252
37 Short, Joseph C.  1856Camden, Oneida, New York I3495
38 Short, Joseph C.  1888 - 1916Camden, Oneida, New York I3495
39 Snow, Kathyrn Mae  1935 - 1959Camden, Oneida, New York I2619
40 Stenson, Elizabeth  1933Camden, Oneida, New York I539
41 Taylor, Ida  1879 - 1934Camden, Oneida, New York I4229
42 Tripp, Lydia  Camden, Oneida, New York I4601
43 Unknown, Ann  1855Camden, Oneida, New York I936
44 Will, David N.  1846 - 1892Camden, Oneida, New York I2066


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baird / Lindfield  Camden, Oneida, New York F1284
2 Delahunt / O'Connor  16 Jul 1863Camden, Oneida, New York F1175
3 Kime / Drum  1 Sep 1880Camden, Oneida, New York F748
4 Laraway / Schwartz  Sept 1896Camden, Oneida, New York F1158
5 Osborn / Taylor  18 Dec 1879Camden, Oneida, New York F1216
6 Purdy / Abbott  19 Jan 1864Camden, Oneida, New York F371