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51 "Mr. Gallagher served six years, leaving in 1920 to become special counsel for the county in the Fulton tax case, a complicated and long drawn out legal proceeding involving assessments." Gallagher, William M. (I71)
52 "Mr. Gallagher was active in Republican party affairs in Oswego County and served as a member of the Oswego Republican committee from his home district in Constantia, for many years. He also attended state and judicial conventions of his party as a delegate form this county." Gallagher, William M. (I71)
53 "Mr. Gallagher was considered one of the leading authorities on county and town law, in the State of New York. His counsel was sought in these matters by State officials and legislators, as well as by local officials. He was a leading figure in the Association of County Officers of New York State, and served on the most important committees of that body, including legislative and welfare. In this service he had much to do with legislation for revision of county and town law, also in amendments to the welfare law designed to lower the public welfare burden.

Mr. Gallagher was legal advisor to all 22 towns of Oswego county, and was always responsive to the almost innumerable demands made upon him for advice and opinions. He was particularly well-versed in compilation of budgets and had much to do with recent budget changes and reforms on the county and town levels. In his long career, Mr. Gallagher had much to do with changes in the governmental structure of the county and town. He was a tireless worker, spending long hours at his office, and being available for consultation at practically all times. Mr. Gallagher was a personal friend of Governor Dewey and Lieutenant Governor Frank Moore, and many other state officials." 
Gallagher, William M. (I71)
54 "Mr. Soule, at one time, was also vice-president of the Farmer National Bank of Syracuse until its consolidation with the Syracuse Trust Company." Soule, Frank Channing (I20)
55 "Mrs. Charles Henry Leonard met death while riding with her husband ... Mrs. Anna Reynolds and Mary Schindler received minor injuries, as noted in last week's Union. Chas. Leonard, owner of the car, also was treated for cuts to the bridge of his nose and right knee. He was discharged after treatment ... The accident in which she was killed occurred seven miles north of Fulton, at Loomis' Corners Wednesday, July 2, 1947 when the auto went out of control and crashed into an electric light pole." McCluskey, Emma (I185)
56 "Mrs. Frank Channing Soule will open her beautiful country home, Vanderkamp Farms, on Thursday for the annual Harmony Circle picnic luncheon." Gere, Grace (I21)
57 "Mrs. Griesmyer had been ill for about six months, and was a great sufferer, death being caused by cancer." App, Caroline (I18)
58 "My father's creativity led him to start writing short stories and poems about local places and people."

In 2014, the Cleveland Historical Society, working with Laurence's son, Jack Cottet, and society members Kathy and Ron Darrow, put together a compilation of Laurence's stories in a limited edition collection entitled Poems, Facts and Tales: Musings of a former Village of Cleveland Historian. 
Cottet, Laurence D. (I133)
59 "O.F. Soule specialized in chemistry during his college years, and gives much of his time to the Powdered Milk Production Department." Soule, Oscar Frank (I23)
60 "Please note that Louis Leonard had one more daughter named Zeta- who was in fact- Clarence Leonards biological mother. Louis adopted Clarence- who was born Edward Daley Levine." Leonard, Zeta M. (I193)
61 "Poor Paddy!" Left mortality, Patrick Fitzpatrick, on the morning of April 9th, 189, aged from 50 to 90 years - a true specimen of the untaught Milesian. No more will his resonant voice be heard awaking the echoes of Oneida Lake. For thirty odd years, expecting the time when Paddy was wasting his patriotism in aiding to squelch the great rebellion, have his tones been heard by man and beast. Heedless of all personal distinctions, his wit and wild vagaries were ever ready to answer the greeting of a friend or repel the sallies of a foe. Paddy was ne exquisite - a diamond in the rough, born without record, but not without a heart; for in the exhilaration of his wasted moments, his body full of liquor, his heart was clean for charity, and he would empty his pocket of his last dime to aid the child and widow in distress, while he cursed the importunate prisoner of his bounty - Paddy had patrimony, nor did he acquire large allodial possession; a small cemetery lot, wherein he laid the bones of his parents, and built their monument, and hoped to lay his own, was his only handed right; And of this he was robbed, by religious assumption and ecclesiastic usurpation. He was laid in the "potter's field" like many other great and goodly commoners, peacefully at rest, ___ the day of resurrection, when the Lord Jesus, at no small Judge the monarch and beggar - the priest and poor Paddy; but by man's device and ___ but by his own divine law, and appoint him place above reordering; the faith and work done in his own body. Good-by and luck to Paddy.  Fitzpatrick, Patrick (I483)
62 "R.G. Soule, in addition to his duties as secretary, is sales and advertising manager." Soule, Robert Gere (I24)
63 "Real estate sales recorded this week: The Oneida National Bank of Utica to Martin App, land in Cleveland, $400; April 25, 1882" App, Martin (I11)
64 "Report comes that Seneca Falls is soon to have a new industry, the C&L Products Corporation and operations will begin as soon as the remodeling of space based in the Huntington Building at Fall and Rumsey street is completed, Clarance App, president, announced yesterday. Mr. App is an electrical engineer, a native of Cleveland, has been in charge of all electrical works at the Rumsey Manufacturing Corp., for the last three years. The new corporation, while it will not employ a large working force further increases the industries of Seneca Falls." App, Clarence George (I1)
65 "School opened Monday with a large attendance. Jas. L. Gallagher conducts the advanced department; Miss Carrie Landgraff the primary." Gallagher, James L. (I68)
66 "The firm of Merrell & Soule was founded in 1868 by G. Lewis Merrell and Oscar F. Soule, who formed a co-partnership for the manufacture of canned goods and established a small factory at Syracuse, New York. A new co-partnership was formed in 1883, between G.L. Merrell, O.F. Soule and F.C. Soule, the last named being the son of O.F. Soule." Soule, Oscar Frank (I27)
67 "The firm of Merrell & Soule was founded in 1868 by G. Lewis Merrell and Oscar F. Soule, who formed a co-partnership for the manufacture of canned goods and established a small factory at Syracuse, New York. A new co-partnership was formed in 1883, between G.L. Merrell, O.F. Soule and F.C. Soule, the last named being the son of O.F. Soule." Soule, Frank Channing (I20)
68 "The manufacturer's large home at 1100 James Street was for many years a showplace of the city. He sold it in January 1939 and from then on traveled extensively, spending much of his time in St. Augustine, Florida." Soule, Frank Channing (I20)
69 "The Reed Tract school begins Monday. Jas. L. Gallagher will fill the juvenile intellect with a prolific crop of knowledge." Gallagher, James L. (I68)
70 "The Rube band celebrated the end of summer in August ? the famous ?Three Day Blow?. They paraded through the village streets in costumes and performed in Winn?s Opera House.
George App owned the Opera House that was located on the corner of Rt. 49 and Division Street. Dances, plays, and celebrations took place there providing the community with a wonderful social experience." 
App, George C. (I2)
71 "The schoolmarm had a new slab made by Martin App, yesterday morning, to agitate unruly boys." App, Martin (I11)
72 "The Senator has always taken a deep interest in politics. He was formerly a Whig, and gave his first vote, in 1840, for William Henry Harrison, for President. Subsequently he sympathized strongly with the anti-slavery movement, and became what was known as an Abolitionist. Since the formation of the Republican party he has been prominently identified with that organization." Foster, William H. (I41)
73 "The Subject of the present sketch was born in Lenham, Kent County, England, on the 27th day of December, 1813. Both his parents were of Scotch extraction." Foster, William H. (I41)
74 "Then I went in a store for $8. per month and board for 6 mo's. Then for 1 1/2 years I got $12. per month, then five months I had sole charge of tannery store. I straitened up the accounts which had been terribly mixed up, kept the books. I got $20. per month for that 5 mo's. work ... I wanted $40. -couldn't get it so I quit ..." Foster, William H. (I41)
75 "When Martin App holds ordinary conversations with his boys, he always talks in English; but when he gets mad and requires more emphatic language, he uses Dutch." App, Martin (I11)
76 "When the company was formed for the construction of a railroad direct from Oswego to New York, at first known as the ^Midland,", now as the New York, Ontario & Western railroad. Senator Foster, from his intelligence, business capacity and interest in the business prosperity of this city and of his own county and locality, was selected as one of the directors of that company, and for ten or more years,in association with
the late Hon. D. C. Littlejohn, and the late Hon. Cheny Ames, he devoted his energy and we may perhaps add, much of his fortune, to the construction of that great work." 
Foster, William H. (I41)
77 "Whether [Mary's father] ... determined upon a place has not come to light, but at any rate he seems to have sent for his family, who on September 26th, 1829 embarked at London in the "Mary Lord". The diary of his daughter Mary, now in possession of the writer, gives a most interesting account of the voyage. Just one month was consumed on the passage, smallpox broke out on board, they passed the ship which was conveying to their father the news of their coming, and when they finally arrived in New York City on October 27th, he was not there and his whereabouts were unknown. In addition their fares had not been entirely paid. After a wait of a week in the utmost anxiety, he appeared." Cramp, Mary (I42)
78 "While driving over the new iron bridge at Constantia, Thursday, Martin App's horse broke through, from a defective plank, and was considerably injured. Damage for the town to pay, probably." App, Martin (I11)
79 "While still a young man he became interested in the manufacture of leather, a business, which, in his hands, grew into large proportions, and by his energy and business tact he built it up into one of the largest and most successful tanneries in this section of the state." Foster, William H. (I41)
80 "William was one of a party of English people who emigrated to America. Just what caused these people to come, how many there were, or who were the leaders is not known. Among them however were Mr. Cossum, Mr. Mannington and Thomas Nowers, the last named, a nephew of William's mother, and therefore a cousin to William. Also in the company was William's older sister Decima who was engaged to be married to Thomas Nowers. It was very natural therefore that the youth of sixteen, fired by the prospects of life, adventure and the chances of success in a new land, siezed the opportunity to join the party. There are no details extant of the exact time or of the trip across the ocean, except that it required six weeks, nor are the reasons known that led the band up the Hudson River and thence no doubt by the Erie Canal to Utica, N.Y. It is quite probable however that the fact that the cousin Horace Foster was then living in that city had something to do with making it their destination. They evidently reached Utica in June of 1830, and their arrival marked a most important event in William's life, the meeting with the young lady, Mary Cramp, who was later to share as his wife, some of the hardships and many of the successes of his later life." Foster, William H. (I41)
81 "[From her house on Oneida Lake] she enjoyed the company of Charles Harden, president of Camden Wire Co., painted landscapes and portraits, and bought her clothes by the bag at church thrift sales." App, Catherine Mary (I6)
82 "[Jennings] work in the previous few years had been to provide Bible study and hot coffee to decommissioning American and Allied soldiers in Europe." Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
83 "[Leonard] first found employment at the Union Factory where he learned the trade of glass flattener, and except for a short time at Ithaca, NY, during a suspension of [manufacturing] here, was employed at his trade in the factories at this place until 1883, when an affliction of his eyes compelled him to abandon his labor, as a skilled mechanic." Leonard, Adam (I167)
84 "[Louis] was employed upwards of 35 years as a gatherer in the glass factories which once flourished in Cleveland." Leonard, Louis George (I172)
85 "[Louis] was one of the crack baseball players of this town and played the position of short stop during the many years that the Cleveland Club was so popular." Leonard, Louis George (I172)
86 "[the Merrell, Soule and Soule] co-partnership continued until 1893, when the firm was incorporated, under the name of Merrell-Soule Company." Soule, Frank Channing (I20)
87 "[William Foster] was a land agent for the Roosevelt family for the sale of property all over the old town of Constantia" Foster, William H. (I41)
88 "[William] established a practice in Cleveland and in 1903, was joined by his son, William M. Gallagher, and in 1935, by his grandson, Francis James Gallagher, who is now attorney for the office of the treasurer of Oswego County." Gallagher, William M. (I71)
89 'Coony' has retired from the Cheap Cash Store, and John Stinger has taken his place. Stinger, John E. (I901)
90 'Dollo' Eimo has become a blower, taking the place of Ed. H. Hoose, at the Union, who has retired through a difficulty with the manager. Hoose, Edward Henry (I765)
91 'Gene Morenus has purchased for $700 the planing mill property, which was recently bid in by Executor A.A. Yale, on a mortgage foreclosure. Morenus, Eugene (I2707)
92 *Previously known as Rome City Hospital Best, Leona M. (I73)
93 ... After leaving Cleveland in 1880 [Thomas] goes to Syracuse and lives on Harrison Street and by 1896 he is a registered physician working at New York University Hospital until his death in January of 1909.  Dwyer, Dr. Thomas Bernhard (I603)
94 ... Amy had a child, a girl named Ortha, who died in infancy. Jennings, Ortha (I1413)
95 ... Jennings was moving from one white wood-framed church to the next, never quite making a living, and in 1911 he returned to the steady pay of the YMCA in Utica. Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
96 ... managing a YMCA hut for decommissioning Czech soldiers and starting an athletic program for boys. Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
97 ... The first was that of Lorin Lavancher, who was arrested by order of the Overseer of the Poor, charged with deserting his family and failing to provide them means of support. An investigation into the facts, however, showed that he had always supported his family as well as the average, although he and his wife were frequently quarreling; and that this action was brought principally by her because of his association with other women, as she declares, which, if true, is of course very discreditable to him. Justice Lane released Lavancher, and he left town forthwith. Family F202
98 05/18/1885 - 03/09/1889 - Board President
05/04/1891 - 03/07/1892 - Board Trustee
03/07/1892 - 1895 - Board President 
Gallagher, James L. (I68)
99 10/29/1881 - Silas Potter has found a job at the Union glass works; and young Whearty takes his place as paper carrier. Potter, Silas Finch (I503)
100 12/24/1881 - Henry Long has taken the place of Silas Potter at the Union Factory. Potter, Silas Finch (I503)

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