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2051 Mrs. Dawley passed away Sunday morning at the home of her only son, Eugene Dawley. She had been in usual health until the Wednesday previous. Winn, Maria (I4218)
2052 Mrs. Dawley was the former Maria Winn. Winn, Maria (I4218)
2053 Mrs. Edna Albicker, 78, of RD 1, Williamstown, died yesterday after a long illness. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Betty Ransear of Clayton; a son, George of Los Angeles; nine grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. Services will be at 11 am Wednesday at Harter- Olmstead Funeral Home in Parish. Burial in Cleveland Village Cemetery. Calling hours will be 3-5 and 7-9 tomorrow at the funeral home, 7340 Main street.  Wade, Edna Mae (I1965)
2054 Mrs. Emma Morse of Cleveland, wife of Harry Morse, died very suddenly Saturday evening. Sixbery, Emma (I143)
2055 Mrs. Frank Sheehan, 34, this village [Cleveland], died during the weekend in a Syracuse hospital. She had been ill for some time. Duhamel, Mary Victoria (I4092)
2056 Mrs. Gilbert Roberts returned on Saturday [May 4, 1907] to her home in Rome after caring for her father, Edward Sherman for several weeks. Mr. Sherman is able to be out once more and is in a fair way to celebrate his one hundredth birthday, June 9, 1907. Sherman, Edward (I464)
2057 Mrs. Hawn had been ill of pneumonia several days. Bigelow, Lucy (I4038)
2058 Mrs. Hawn had lived with her daughter for several years, moving from Syracuse. Bigelow, Lucy (I4038)
2059 Mrs. Lydia Miller, 72, widow of Marion E. Miller, died Sunday, July 12, 1936 at the home of a sister, Mrs. Maude Kirk, 208 North Madison Street, Rome. She had been ailing nearly two years. Tripp, Lydia (I4601)
2060 Mrs. Mary Ann Ripka, 74, died unexpectedly May 31, 1950, in her home, 28 New Hartford St., New York Mills. Dr. Preston Clarke, coroner, said death was due to natural causes. Schuler, Mary Ann (I4057)
2061 Mrs. Mary Audas, mother of Gerrit Audas, died Wednesday, at her home near Elpis, at the age of 82 years, 3 months and 22 days. She had been sick about three months, and for several days suffered greatly from dropsy. Deceased was one of our oldest and most respected residents, whose life-record is one of well-doing, gentleness, affection and high moral worth. Hailstone, Mary (I1258)
2062 Mrs. Mary Page, widow of Jas. Page, died at the residence of her son-in-law, D. Odell, Monday morning, aged 64 years. She was an old resident of these parts. Funeral services were held Wednesday. Unknown, Mary (I1048)
2063 Mrs. McNamara, daughter of S. Drum, was married last week to a Mr. Hess, of Durhamville. Family F869
2064 Mrs. Miller was born in Jewell, October 26, 1863, daughter of Bengamin and Sarah Tripp. Tripp, Lydia (I4601)
2065 Mrs. Nellie Nellis, 78, sister of Mr. Thomas Cole of McConnellsville, recently passed away in Tonawanda. Her early life was spent in Cleveland, N.Y. Another brother, John Cole of Chelsea, Mich., and a sister, Mrs. Anna Morse of Cleveland, survive. Cole, Ellen M. (I1446)
2066 Mrs. Ray Codner, who died of shock at her home in Cleveland Monday morning at about 7 o'clock, came as a crushing blow to relatives and friends. She had been in usual health Sunday evening and had assisted in the care of a sick neighbor. During the night she suffered the shock which resulted in her sudden and sad death. Glasgow, Clara J. (I2434)
2067 Mrs. Rebecca Vandenburg, wife of ex-assemblyman John Vandenburg, of Clyde, a former resident of Cleveland, died yesterday, a dispatch having reached relatives here. Deceased was a daughter of Anthony Landgraff, the first owner of the Cleveland Glass Works. Landgraff, Rebecca (I2960)
2068 Mrs. Rose Cottet is reecovering from illness in Syracuse at the home of her son, Dealton Cottet. Her daughter, Mrs. Stella Diffin of Cicero, it in critical condition. Bradt, Rose (I135)
2069 Mrs. Senecal was born in Rome and lived in Syracuse 55 yean.  Neiss, Alice N. (I4095)
2070 Mrs. Silas F. Potter of Rome announces the engagement of her daughter, Lois, to William H. Somers, son of Mrs. Thomas Deans of Cleveland. Family F820
2071 Mrs. Sophia Best Rogerson, wife of George S. Rogerson, died Saturday afternoon at her home, Berkshire Village, following a three-month illness. Best, Sophia (I1482)
2072 Mrs. Sophia L. Schmidt, 43, Lee Center, formerly of Rome, died at 5:30pm yesterday in the Rome Hospital where she had been a patient for two weeks. Her death followed a long illness. Halupka, Sophia Louise (I1390)
2073 Mrs. Stella Diffin, of Cicero, is in critical condition. Cottet, Stella May (I139)
2074 Mrs. Stenson was formerly Mary Elizabeth Campbell, and she was born Dec. 23, 1838, in Storington, Canada, being a daughter of Archibald and Mary Glacolmi Stenson, of whose family of 12 children she was the last survivor. Campbell, Mary Elizabeth (I535)
2075 Mrs. Whitney was the widow of the late Albert C. Whitney, for a number of years engaged in the coal business in Cleveland. Millit, Mary (I1344)
2076 Mrs. William Young, daughter of Archibald and Mary Chisholm, native of Cleveland, N.Y., where she was born, March 13, 1860, died early Sunday morning at her home in New York Mills. Chisholm, Mary E. (I3497)
2077 Much sympathy is expressed to the [Bitz] family as it will be recalled that their flat in Lake street was ruined by smoke and water in October and they were not able to occupy it again until New Year's day, when they again took possession. Schmidt, Lottie L. (I1511)
2078 Much sympathy is expressed to the [Bitz] family as it will be recalled that their flat in Lake street was ruined by smoke and water in October and they were not able to occupy it again until New Year's day, when they again took possession. Bitz, Joseph (I1512)
2079 N. Leonard moved Thursday to Constantia. Leonard, Noel (I2984)
2080 N. Leonard, the knitting manufacturer, will open a store for the sale of dry goods and dress goods, chiefly, at Bernhard's Bay, about the 1st of February. The building, owned by John Bernhard is being got ready. Leonard, Noel (I2984)
2081 Napoleon Goman, an old-time Clevelander, has been appointed to sit on the bench at Fulton. The bench is in Nettleton's shoe store. Gomon, Napoleon (I1751)
2082 Neal is Catherine's potential maiden name. She is living with Bridget Neal in 1860, who may be her mother. Neal, Catherine (I3511)
2083 Neal may be Bridget's maiden name. She is noted as living with the Hennessey family in 1860. I believe she may be Catherine's mother. Neal, Bridget (I3512)
2084 Nearly all the carpenters in town are employed on Morenus's house. Morenus, Eugene (I2707)
2085 Ned Sherman, President of Cleveland village, wears his honors becomingly, and pursues his avocations of barber, whitewasher, and carpet duster, as usual. Sherman, Edward (I464)
2086 Nehemiah left home at the age of twenty-two and began farming. In 1863 he came to Constantia and followed the butcher business in Cleveland. Carroll, Nehemiah A. (I2243)
2087 Nellie's father was David C. Mahaffy. He and his wife lived in the Pulaski area.

David F. Mahaffy died in April 1933 in Proctor, Vermont. David F. may have been Nellie's brother. 
Mahaffy, Nellie F. (I1453)
2088 Nicholas Bradshaw and Miss Laura Andrus were married last Sunday. The Press extends congratulations. Family F466
2089 Nick Bradshaw started up another row with his wife, Tuesday, and after making some ugly threats, started off eastward along the RR track. He has not been seen since. Family F466
2090 Nick Bradshaw this week moved his family to Oneida. Bradshaw, Nicholas (I557)
2091 Nick Bradshaw was brought up before his Honor, Justice Audas, Thursday, on a charge of assault and battery, preferred by his wife, who alleged that Nick had laid violent hands upon her, besides making serious threats. Lawyer Wilder appeared for the prosecution, and lawyer Gallagher for the defense. Nick demanded a jury trial, and constable Collier started in pursuit of an intelligent six. His efforts to capture a jury were considerably amusing. He chased Ed. Hoose for over a quarter of a mile, and finally collared him; he caught Libby biding behind his counter, but missed Alger, who was doing the same thing behind his counter; he then ___ up along the lake shore and nabbed "Daddy" Knights before he could flee; he went up to capture W. Whaley, who seeing him coming, got down in his cistern, and after exploring the premises, Collier left. A jury was finally secured, and embraced the following: Wm. Foster, Jr., Chas. G. Long, Abner Knights, Mead Carpenter, S. Drum, C.R. King. The case was clearly proven against Nick, and the jury found him guilty, but recommended the court to suspend sentences during good behavior; and the Justice, after giving the prisoner some good advice, released him. Family F466
2092 Nick Bradshaw, while gathering glass at the Cleveland glass works, yesterday morning, considerably burned both of his hands. Bradshaw, Nicholas (I557)
2093 Nick Fitzpatrick, of post-hole fame, fills a position of deputy-assistant, such as stuffing straw ticks, etc. at the Globe Hotel. Fitzpatrick, Nicholas (I928)
2094 Niece of William Gallagher. Daverin, Louise (I2034)
2095 Niece to William Gallagher. Daverin, Leona (I2033)
2096 No Grave Maker, Section 53, Plot 42 Nipling, Flora S. (I1911)
2097 No Grave Marker, Section 51, Plot 138 Stinger, Henry C. (I1912)
2098 No Grave Marker, Section 51, Plot 138 Stinger, Laura G. (I1913)
2099 No Grave Marker, Section 53, Plot 42 Stinger, Lewis F. (I1910)
2100 No Headstone. Likely buried with infant daughter and first wife. Cleveland, Bylington (I1669)

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