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1901 William Sanders, who was born in Herkimer county on February 15, 1810, first settled in Amboy, where he built and kept a tavern in early life, and also engaged in lumbering. Sanders, William (I1324)
1902 William Woodin met with a sad loss Tuesday, in the death of his wife, who was taken suddenly ill the Saturday previous, though she had been subject to attacks of sickness at intervals for a long time. Deceased was in her 30th year of age; and her life though aggravated with afflictions, that would have utterly prostrated many another, was spent in utility and usefulness chiefly amid the cares and responsibilities of the home circle, though not wholly for her willing hear and ready hand found opportunities of relieving distress and doing good in many ways. She leaves, beside her husband; two children - a boy and girl - the little ones too young to realize their great loss. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Daniel Marvin, Jr., Thursday afternoon at the house, a large number attending.

Mr. Woodin desires to deeply thank all the friends who so kindly aided in various ways during bereavement. 
Roberts, Emma A. (I2942)
1903 William Wright is buried in an unmarked grave. [Robert Schmidt] told me he was buried in the North Street Cemetery. Wright, Thomas (I1388)
1904 Wilmot or Wilmuth Lee was a sister of Richard Henry Lee of historical fame, of Virginia. Lee, Wilmot (I2997)
1905 Witness: Thomas Delahunt, James Sullivan Family F1034
1906 Wm. Foster, Jr., has put up a very handsome and costly monument in the cemetery. On three sides of it - one on each side, the other being blank - are inscribed: Foster - Argersinger - Vietenheimer - together with the record of each death. It was made in Camden, and, it is said, cost $500. Foster, William Henry Jr. (I46)
1907 Wm. Foster, Jr., surprised his many friends by bringing home a wife this week. The is or was Mrs. Sarah J. Tufts, of St. Louis, Mo. The ceremony was performed on Sunday last, at Oriskany, N.Y., by Rev. J.W. Pettingill. Family F685
1908 Wm. Goodrich's new house on Maple Flats prarie, is nearly completed. It is a good house and pleasantly situated. Goodrich, William C. (I2437)
1909 Wm. Snyder is having an addition built on his house. Snyder, William L. (I1093)
1910 Wm. Snyder was in town Monday. he holds a good position in the Ithaca glass works, and will not return here to work. Snyder, William L. (I1093)
1911 Wm. Synder has accepted the position of manager of the Ithaca glass works. Snyder, William L. (I1093)
1912 Woodin-Vandyke -- At the residence of Rev. J.P. Johnson, Saturday evening, March 6th, 1881; William E. Woodin and Miss Mary Vandkye, both of Cleveland, N.Y. Family F877
1913 Work on Gene Morenus' new house has been discontinued until Spring. Morenus, Eugene (I2707)
1914 World War One erupted and drew the United States into the frey. To do his part, Asa joined the Red Cross and served in France until the close of the war. His experiences with the Red Cross eventually led him to a position with the YMCA. Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
1915 Yesterday afternoon young Dan Tracy was brought up before his Honor on a charge of assault and battery upon his sister, Martha. After a talk with his counsel, he agreed to plead guilty; but when asked by the Court, he answered, not guilty and an examination was had, which clearly revealed his guilt, and Justice Harding properly sentenced him to the County Jail for 60 days; and that evening Constable a Morse took him off - it is to be hoped this confinement will be the means of at least curbing the depraved practices that he has of late indulged in, and which, intensified through the actives of his evil associates, very soon would render him a dangerous person in the community.  Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1916 Young Johnny Shindler thought he would have a little fun yesterday forenoon by letting loose some loaded coal cars on the switch at Getman's factory, but an unexpected result followed. The cars started off, gathering force as they went down the heavy grade, and with a rush they jumped the track just above the blacksmith shop, tearing up and smashing things generally and scattering the coal in all directions. it is thought the damage will be $150 - This morning, after much effort, the care were got on the track again. Shindler, John (I1126)
1917 Zelora married Sarah Jane Muir the sibling of Isabel Muir. Family F1074
1918 [Antoine] learned the glass blower's trade when seventeen. In 1880 he came to Massachusetts and two years later to Cleveland, where he has since been engaged in the glass works as blower. Humez, Antoine Charles (I2542)
1919 [Asa] played an active role in the implementation of the Greco-Turkish Agreement on the Restitution of Interned Civilians and the Exchange of Prisoners of War, singed in Lausanne on January 30, 1923. Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
1920 [Charles] assumed management of the Union Glass Company in 1853. Kathern, Charles (I598)
1921 [Charles] helped found the North Shore Ambulance Service and worked for Hospital North, a dream that may still come true.  Tufts, Charles Leonard (I1664)
1922 [Charles] helped modernize the Cleveland Fire Company and for over twenty years served as a member and Fire Chief. Tufts, Charles Leonard (I1664)
1923 [Charles] worked for the schools, served faithfully VFW 7325 and American Legion Post 858. He fought for his country in war and peace and was a life member in the Disabled Veterans Organization. Tufts, Charles Leonard (I1664)
1924 [Clarence] owned and operated Bitz Funeral Home for more than 35 years. Bitz, Clarence F. (I1532)
1925 [Clarence] worked at Oneida, Ltd. for more than 30 years.  Bitz, Clarence F. (I1532)
1926 [Clinton Drum] was also a station agent for both Cleveland and Jewell for the Ontario and Western Railroad [and sometimes as ticket agent in Oswego] in the days when the O&W ran three round trips a day between Norwich and Oswego. He retired from the railroad in 1938. Drum, Clinton H. (I1179)
1927 [Cyrus] kept the famous Marble House for over forty years, making it one of the most widely known and popular hostelries in the state. Marble, Cyrus (I253)
1928 [David] was a foreman at Hart-Cross Corp. in Utica, where he had worked for 25 years. Desjardins, Wilfred David (I4061)
1929 [Dillon] was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian church in 1844. Williams, Rev. Dillon (I293)
1930 [Doris] became organist at the church when her predecessor became ill and had to give up the job after 40 years. Someone had to play the organ, so Doris made a stab at it and, meanwhile, took a six-month course at St. Paul's Church, Oswego. Now she handles the job very well. Fitzpatrick, Doris (I3724)
1931 [Dorothy] taught youth ceramics classes in Cleveland. Kessler, Dorothy J. (I2571)
1932 [Edward] Tasker is negotiating for the purchase of the building where Houser has his shop. Tasker, Edward (I367)
1933 [Edward] Tasker is negotiating for the purchase of the building where Houser has his shop. Houser, John (I504)
1934 [Edward] was a Navy veteran of World War I and also served with the Marines in the West Indies. Whitham, Edward Joseph (I3846)
1935 [Elizabeth] was an active worker in the societies of St. Mary's Church in Cleveland for nearly a life time. Senecal, Elizabeth (I1553)
1936 [Eugene] was also the poormaster for the township of Constantia, which included Cleveland. In 1938 there was no welfare system, no Medicare, no Medicaid. But since there were many poor families in the area, we had instead a local poormaster. Dawley, Eugene (I2111)
1937 [Father Birmingham] was appointed assistant priest to Father Beacham of Rome, in January 1873, where he remained until November 1875. Birmingham, Rev. Patrick Joseph (I339)
1938 [Father Birmingham] was ordained in Maynooth Seminary, at the Pentecost ordination of 1872. He assisted Father Daly for a couple of months towards the end of that same year. Birmingham, Rev. Patrick Joseph (I339)
1939 [Florence] had been a clerk at Dey Bros. and E.W. Edwards department stores. Dunnigan, Florence Gazelle (I2722)
1940 [Frances] had always lived in [the Cleveland] vicinity but for the past few winters had been with her daughter, Mrs. Vern Watkins in Rochester. Cleveland, Frances Mary (I1668)
1941 [Frances] was born when her parents lived in the house now the residence of Charles A. Garlick on the Maple Flats road. Cleveland, Frances Mary (I1668)
1942 [Franklin] has had much experience as a hotel man and has conducted Lake Beach Hotel at Sylvan Beach, N.Y., for the past thirteen years. Stevens, Franklin (I308)
1943 [Franklin] was a representative to the Austrian government in the United States for many years, and was a personal friend of the Emperor Frans Joseph of Austria and received from him two of the highest honors in the gift of Austria, the Order of the Cross of Malta and the Order of Frans Joseph.

Dr. Kaufmann was Austrian consul in Central New York from 1890 until the World War, although he was a United States citizen. 
Kaufmann, Dr. Franklin J. (I2022)
1944 [Garritt] engaged in business in the town of Cleveland as a furniture dealer and undertaker. Audas, Garritt (I516)
1945 [Gasper and Louise Schmidt] lived on the corner of North and Kathern in the mid to late 1890s. Schmidt, Gasper (I1369)
1946 [Gasper and Louise Schmidt] lived on the corner of North and Kathern in the mide to late 1890s. Best, Louise (I1089)
1947 [George] removed to Camden, learned the trade of harnessmaking, and in 1853 located in Cleveland. Harding, George (I450)
1948 [George] worked at farming in early life. In 1849 he learned the trade as window glass flattener. In 1863 he came to the
United States, landed in Philadelphia, and engaged in the glass works as flattener at Winslow, N. J. From there he went to Boston and various places, where he followed his trade. In 1887 he came to Cleveland and nine months later removed to Bernhard's Bay, where he has since resided, employed most of the time in the glass works of this place. He has from all his former employers letters of the highest recommendation, characterizing his integrity and skill. 
Lydiatt, George (I2873)
1949 [Giles] served as supervisor in 1861, as collector, as one of the village trustees and as justice of the peace from 1864 until his death, April 26, 1878.  Lane, Giles Willlard (I733)
1950 [Gregory] was most recently employed as a truck driver for ABC Metal Roofing and previously worked for TMC Transportation. Gorski, Gregory P. (I4082)

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